Thursday, July 1, 2010

Toys Aaj Kal

Today’s modern-contemporary – evolving every minute world is so different from what we were used to a decade back. This reality hit me when yesterday; a friend’s son added me to his facebook list (I've warned him against calling me AUNTY on FB)! Mind you the kid I’m talking about is hardly 7years old.

This incident zapped me. Instantly I went back to the days when I was that age, happy and content to be playing with my dolls. The internet was not even a far away dream. Look at all the hi-tech toys and games today’s generation have, what started with the (now so called) simple Atari and Nintendo games has now gone completely out of hand with the likes of Wii and Xbox!  To an old timer like me they are more complication than entertainment!

When I was first introduced to the computer, they were huge and used only to play bricks and PC man. We used to write small statements on something called DOS; I wonder what happened to that small black and white screen? That too under serious supervision by my parents, maybe they thought the new “thing” would eat me if they left me alone with it! And look at kids today, they know much more about this “thing” than we ever were taught in our 10 years of computer classes!

Oh and we were allowed to sit in front of the machine max for 1 hour, it was feared we might go blind! But now I can’t imagine children being away from the system even for an hour!

The same thing happens with mobiles these days, the only game we had were snakes, and today kids think having a 8GB memory card even in their phones is not good enough! What all do they put in the phone? It’s almost like their virtual home! There was a time, when Bill Gates had stated that we would never need more than 8 GB of space even in our PC’s, what was he thinking of?
Today cell phones come not just with the basic features of a phone but with duel cameras, video recorders, FM players; MP3/4/5s and I don know what not! Not to mention internet on the go (whatever that is). What next I wonder.

Have you ever wondered how theses kids get the hang of all these gadgets on their own but fail to understand the simple equations of math’s and science! They fail to read their history texts but will stay up till late to learn the features of their iPones and Blackberries! If only they would use their skills to better their grades!


  1. Hi Pooja, I like your blog, vibrant and words just flow. U chose a god topic also. But change this reactions tabs sweetie, make it intersting, or funny or cool, all positives, that would be better. I am following you dear! even I was thinking about writing abt these modern games kids play. keep in touch.

  2. The kids will do it only if it is fun... the trick is to make math as fun as an iphone app... and that is precisely the focal point of my research in maths :)

  3. @restless mind, thnks dear. it's feels nice to have some unknowns as yr followers!
    @g2 would like to know more abt yr research, I'm also an educator.


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