Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anyone for Coffee and Pakodas?

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, its monsoons, India’s most favored all time season! I don’t know why, but this is the season that most of things happen in, for example, in movies all the good, bad and romantic stuff has to happen it will be raining. If someone has died, it’s raining; just when the lead pair has confessed to their loves it starts showering; when the bad guy is bashing the good guy it’s again pouring.

What is it with monsoons that all of us associate the good and the bad with it simultaneously? We may love the rains, we may hate the rains but we can’t do without it. Especially for people living in India, it holds an altogether direct connect line. Don’t we all often come across conversations indicating the rains somehow or the other? I think after Bollywood and Cricket, it is the monsoon season that binds India.

Well for me I love and hate (something like the 2 sides of a coin) the rains for lots of reasons. And no here I was not inspired by the now showing movie I hate Luv Stories.

  • For obvious reasons, Mitti Ki Khushbu (Smell of the soil) tops my chart of LOVE but then with it comes the same mitti (wet sand) getting onto my lowers/clothes, shoes or other things I HATE it!
  • Then next I guess should be the pakodas- how some things are always the same with us Indians! I LOVE the smell of pyaz ke pakodas – how is it spelled? Well I’ll rephrase it; I love the smell of onion fritters love biting into hot fritters while enjoying the season. You must be wondering how I can hate the pakodas if I love the smell and the taste so much, but dearies, I HATE the calories it brings with it.
  • I LOVE enjoying my cozy bed, with its quilts and not being bothered all day, but HATE leaving its coziness to get all the things I’d forgotten outside.
  • LOVE sipping my hot cup of coffee and sitting on the indoor hammock but HATE making tea for everyone else a million times!
  • LOVE the sounds of thunder and lighting but HATE that the same causes our power blackouts! For all my NRI friends, let me tell you, this is such a severe problem in India, that even if the skies are just threatening to rain, we have a power cut.
  • Another of my LOVE is reading, and I wait all year round to pick my choicest of romance novels and start reading, but I HATE reading book which do not have crisp pages.
  • Going for long drives with him is also very much on my LOVE list, but HATE getting stuck in the monsoon jams!
 Oh the list is getting bigger and bigger; let me save some for the next round and go out to enjoy the rains as of now! In the meantime I would love to hear about your LOVEs and HATEs too.


  1. Hey i really appreciate your writing style and I am looking to feature good writers on my blog,If you are curious maybe drop in sometome

  2. I love when it rains...All i do is sleep ;)
    bad side...waking up in the morning when others are sleeping... soo jelouse...

    ps...nice blog love it

  3. Hi pooja !!
    thanks for dropping by at my blog :)
    i think you got the way of getting the signature as i can see undersigned if not then must visit and get the sign of your choice !!

    take care :)

  4. @witty jester, thanks will definitely get back to you.
    @Nasra, wish we could sleep on all days! right?
    @Deepa, thanks for getting back, i did get it, but is there a simpler way to put it up on a default basis for all posts??

  5. hi. that was really good. u should be a writer yaar

  6. hi. u should be a writer. ur stuff is very good

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