Sunday, July 11, 2010

Then and Now but When?

When some 10 years back I used to indulge in rasgullas (an Indian sweet) for jus Re.1 per piece the same thing costs more than 8bucks today!

Inflation is something that we have been accustomed with for years now. We don’t question it any longer nor do we fight it, we may just give ourselves an extra holiday under the camouflage of a “BANDH”. We may be for it or against it; we all get pleasure from the day off! 

On one side prices of necessities like food, medical, fuel have skyrocketed, but at the same time technology and entertainment have sky dived!
Look at the prices of pulses and grains; they too seem to have takes wings! But at the same time internet prices have fallen down from Rs.75 to almost Rs.5 per hour! STD and ISD calls used to burn holes in pockets then, now is a daily thing.
Though petrol and diesel prices have increased traveling by road and train costs, flying has become cheaper and easier. I wonder how and why?  Traveling then was planning for months for trips to Kullu Manali or Kodaikanal but today Singapore- Malaysia trips are just a break from the routine.

On the entertainment front look at all the channels we have on offer now days! Those days hum log and chitrakar was good enough for the whole family, but today we have personalized channels catering to different age groups specifically.  In those times we were happy to watch movies in theaters but today people want to watch only in 3-D and Inox!

Mobiles then were a thing for the upper crust only, but today even my sabzi wala (vegetable vendor) and the house helper are seen sporting the best devices! Gadgets and devices have seen the biggest dip in prices, from black and white television sets to LED’s we’ve been witnesses to drastic changes and developments in the field of electronics.

All these things have changed, and change is either for good or for bad, but there are some things I would like to see a change in. I would like to change our attitude towards GIRL-CHID, having a boy child is a must in most of our Indian as well as most Asian houses still. When will our fixation with a boy child change?

Why do parents still want their kids to be engineers and doctors, why are other professions still looked down upon? Why a profession’s worthiness still calculated on the basis of one’s ability to financially gain from it?

When will we Indians stop looking down on things that are Indian? Why wearing US and UK brands is still a matter of pride for us, when most of these so called US-UK brands are manufactured here in India and then sent there in the first place.

When will we be more environment conscious and start respecting people who try to save water and electricity? Recycling is good not a sign of a miser. It’s the mindset I want to see change towards saving our earth’s resources. Be it recycling or reusing.

When will our attitude towards other religion change? When will we stop fighting over our Gods? When the god themselves are existing in peace up there, I don’t know why we have to exchange blows for them down here.

These were a few things I want to change, would like to read yours.



  1. hi pooja! lots of things in one post....

    when u talk of rasgulla and inflation, i am reminded of golgappe or paanipoori and inflation!

    keep blogging! bye

  2. Thnks dear, but relatively I've realized they have somehow spared pani-puri prices from bloating up.
    Im not too sure, but in the last 10 years they have remained the same, in Mumbai. Maybe.

  3. no no dear, in delhi it has increased so much. i just hate it!! anyways pooja, i like this sentence just below post a comment- read it or not.... been here... nice! tell me how did u do this?

  4. OH OK don know much about Delhi.
    As for the comment title, go to EDIT POST, then SETTINGS tab. next in settings there is a COMMENTS tab there in this page there is a "Comment Form Message" in that box type your msg.

  5. thanks! done that! u have word verification in your comment form, is that really reqd? i mean, it takes time, consider it.

  6. Its ok...n dsnt take any extra time if u ignore it. but helps in-case u don't want to make spelling errors.

  7. A thought provoking post, enjoyed reading every bit of it! The fact regarding price hike and inflation is that, it never affects the upper class families in India, over years the income of those have increased drastically. It affects badly on lower class families and comparatively slightly on middle class families, neither of the make more sense for our politicians other than on election day..:)

    I remember my mom used to say that having a 1 rupee in hand could do lot of things in her childhood, while I was in schools one rupee could never got me meals, but she could during her schools days..:) This will go on and on...leaving poor more poorer and rich more richer..

  8. We are changing, India is changing and change is necessary too.. but if the change can do something good in our society too..:)

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  9. HI Nishana welcome to my post, and thanks for the kind words too.
    This is so true, we ourselves have seen how much things have changed, more so in the past 5-7 years itself, leaving the poor poorer and the rich richer, this in turn is helping raise the crime rates also.
    Lets see what can be done by us in whatever small way that we can.


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