Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gifting solutions!

Came across this very unique gifting idea so had to share it with you guys, read on:

It is an age old art form of painting movie posters, almost on the verge of being distinct today so is being revived by two groups, one in Mumbai, the city of Bollywood dreams and the other as far away as in Paris, but again a romantic city of dreams!

You can get your choice of poster incorporated with your choice of real life stars! Imagine your wedding card vis-à-vis the poster of Jodha-Akbar, where you and your partner will replace Hrithik Roshan and Aiswarya Rai!

Or gift a wallet to your loved ones with their favorite stars! For more ideas you can go to the following links!
The Mumbai one -
and the Paris one is -

I wouldn’t mind receiving a clutch with me depicted as the Bollywood Queen!


  1. wow i loved this link..wat a unique way to revive traditional art!!! so want to own something soo bollywood!!

  2. wow...owsem site, n gret giftin ideas... :)

    My BlOg-Wen i was a boy

  3. @Unruly Rebel, Welcome and thanks.

  4. Wow, sooperb idea.. esp fr a nation that is so big on to movies :)

    Hats off to these guys for reviving something that was once so much a part of our cinematic existence.. :)

    Thanks for sharing this, Pooja.. glad u did :)


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