Saturday, July 24, 2010

Musing life, missing life

 A long time back when I was still in college-oh those days!, how we always miss what we have left back. During college I used to miss school days, when I was in school I used to be waiting and praying to get done with it ASAP. After getting done with college when I was working I wanted to go back to college and now when I’m married I want to be single.

We all are insecure to some extend at all times. If it was not for our insecurities we would not want to do better and more, we would be content and live life with whatever has been bestowed on us. Why do we crave to be one on top of the rest? What is wrong in being one AMONG the rest? What makes us always ask “why me?” why not “WHY NOT ME?”?

In wanting more and more, we miss out on what we have today also. Why want more if you can’t even enjoy what you have today? Are we not letting the joys of the present slip away by remising about the past, about what we don’t have? Something like crying over spilt milk, but why we do it is to be figured out by each of us on our terms. For some this may be due to fear of what the future holds. It could also be because we may be lacking the confidence to face the unknown. Another aspect could also be a lower self morale.
Our self esteem and state of mind go a long way in framing the way we feel. All these are also influenced by our childhood connections and other factors that we had to be in while growing up.

But if we instill the feeling of being satiated, being content then we may be in a better situation to face the reality better. And the feeling of well being in itself leads to a better future. All in all, it is our sub-conscious mind that we should learn to make believe that a better tomorrow is in store for us. All we have to do is learn the mantra and also engrave it in our minds, souls, hearts everywhere, that tomorrow will be better than today, but enjoy as much as you can today. 

So lets all go out today and make a list of things we want to do, we've always wanted to do, something like how it was in the movie "Dasvidaniya" where the lead hero, played by Vinay Pathk, who had just found out he was going to die and had time to do some of the 10 things he always wanted to do. We may all not be so lucky, so why wait, lets get going and start by making the list.


  1. so true.

    I guess "why me?" is a question that no one in this world can answer for us. have you read the book called "the power of now'? it teaches how truly to be in in the moment.

  2. Yes, only instead if V'd ask ourselves "WHY NOT ME" life could be different.
    Power of Now was nice, but i rely more on "the power of your sub-conscious mind."

  3. very true indeed, like the bucket list !


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