Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Pseudo-intellectual Rupee

Though we (Indians) were the earliest users of coins and currencies, read silver coins since the 6th century BC, we are the latest addition to countries having symbolic currencies. Now I don’t know how this will help us or the country in any beneficial tangible way.
Does having a pictogram make it any different? Just coz now I will not be writing Rs. instead will use IIT-an planned symbol, which incidentally is not even on my list of symbols also; will it mean something new? What got me ticking was that, we are superficially trying very hard to be at par with other developed countries but are not doing much to be as them in our roles or should I say souls. Now we have an icon for the rupee but as of date the value of the rupee is degrading.
Looking back to the journey of the rupee, this was coined as a silver coin by Shersha Shri in 1540-45, and then named as the “RUPEE” by the East India Company under the ruling of some Mohd. Shah in the year 1719-58. The original RÅ«paya was a silver coin weighing about 11.34 grams. Please excuse me for my dates and names, have always been a poor history student.
Historically, the rupee was a silver based currency. This had severe consequences in the nineteenth century, when the strongest economies in the world were on the gold standard. The discovery of vast quantities of silver in the U.S. and various European colonies resulted in a decline in the relative value of silver to gold. Suddenly the standard currency of India could not buy as much from the outside world. This event was known as "the fall of the Rupee." (Source Wikipedia)
Futuristically, the Indian Currency, Rupee has a symbol. Originally formed by the merger of the Sanskrit “Ra” and the English R without the stem; it supposedly reflects and captures the Indian ethos and culture. Don’t ask HOW!
I know no one’s asked me, but as it’s my blog I will put forth my views. Instead of trying to symbolize something why not develop and make firm the identity of the existing Rupee. Why can’t we make the rupee such a sturdy and stable currency that will be in no need of some character depicting our ethos and cultures, which itself are aping the west! 
I just would like to wish here, may this new symbol bring with it the rise of our nation and currency, here I know lots of exporters and BPO's who will not agree with me. 

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  1. hey! good thoughts pooja! surely changing the name of a person or entity doesnot really make any difference. But kids have got few more GK questions added to their books!


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