Friday, July 20, 2012

Reasons to thank God

Got a sms yesterday, but thought worth sharing with here too.

If you have food in your fridge
clothes on your body
a roof over your head
and a place to sleep
you are richer than 75%
of the entire world's.

If you have money in your wallet
a little change,
and can go anywhere you want
You are among the top 18% of the
world's wealthiest people.

If you wake up this morning
with more health than illness,
you are more blessed than the
million people who will not
survive this week and will die.

If you can actually read
this message and understand it,
you are more fortunate than the 
3 billion people in this world
Cannot see,
Cannot read, 
or suffer mental retardation.

Life is not about complain, pain or sorrows
it's about a thousand other reasons
to thank God for.

I agree with this, but some of my freinds told me this will make me stagnant, will not let me aim for the stars, that I will never do well in life. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Return Policy

NO excuses for not being here...for letting go of my blog...which at one point of time was my best getaway...
there are more than 5--6 drafts, return drafts, that I had intended to be my welcome back post after this uncalled for hiatus but forgetting all of them I am writing this without any editing or calling, just so as to get back to writing. Writing for just me and whoever wants to read or listen…to my much ado about nothing.

But this post is not about nothing….it’s about me making a promise, and another promise to try and not break the former promise and sticking to my blog and not neglecting it ever again!

Most of us do that at some point or the other, no I’m not trying to shift the blame or downplay my laziness, but we all do take things for granted, especially people and relationships. And we all know this too, which relationship we can take for granted and which not. But dearies, the ones that you take for granted are the best one and they are meant to be treasured, cherished and held on to.

I wanted to write about getting married and marriage and all the relationships that it brings with it, but would like to stop here and just thank all those bloggers for stopping by, and making me feel special by letting me know I was missed, Thank you so much, and these relationships I shall never take lightly! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its all grey

Early to bed, early to rise,no longer makes you healthy wealthy or wise. It's only when you are feeling unwell, or don't have anything interesting, to do that you sleep early, and now that you don't do anything interesting, don't go out, means you will never know what is happening around you, hence no you are not getting any wisdom!

There was a time when people used to respect one's degrees and scores, now it's all about which university or college you passed out from, how much you paid to get into and which car you use and where you party.

It's not how honest you are, it's how many times you dint get caught, or rather how you manage to squeeze out something extra for free.

There is no black or white, its all grey now.

When I was in school it was a sin to be seen with a boy but today it's a sin to accept that you are out of school and yet a virgin! It's almost unacceptable to be loyal towards anyone. Ad of you are, you are "boring".

So many concepts have changed, people used to fear aids, as its forever, but now it's for everyone

Fruits and veggies were the best fitness mantra, but now these same fruits and vegetables are so full of toxics that if used without any process straight from the lap of mother nature, you may also end up in her lap, dead.

First it was family and friends but now friends are your real family. A friend is someone whom you choose but family is not a choice, gone are the times when family was a gift from God.

Gone are the days when we wanted our kids to be innocent and naive, today, I want my daughter to be smart, shrewd and even cunning if the situation demands.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Relationship status, involved but not committed.

Gone are the days of janam janam Ka pyar, undying love and soul mates till eternity.

Relationships today have become very frivolous, be it amongst families, friends or more. Recently a friend of mine (in today's Facebook age, every one you know is a "friend" irrelevant of everything else.)

So like I was saying, a friend of mine, whom I know from my yoga classes, an 18 yer old, pretty girl from a good family, recently got engaged.

No there's nothing wrong in getting engaged, but then, she was seeing someone else,

 she was in a long distance relationship, which I found out was a relationship of great understanding, understanding that there would be no strings attached, no commitments.

She was with this guy who is settled outside India, so they used to meet up as and when circumstances allowed them, she used to go to a city which was convenient for him when he was in the country, and "meet up, catch up and a enjoy each other's company", whatever that means is upon your interpretation.

Throughout the period that they were together, maybe around a yer or so, both knew the minute they found someone more suitable more "right", the other person would bolt faster than the speed of light.

And thats what happened, she met a righter Mr. Right, and decided to tie the knot. But how does she know he's more right than the older Mr. Right?

In our urge to live better, to live luxuriously, somewhere we have left our emotions and feelings in the old suitcase. Even friendships these days is such a light hearted matter, you're my friend if you say good things about me, compliment me, but if you show me the mirror, I'll crack it.

Relationships are also equally fragile, we all know there are lots of fishes around, so if one dsnt suit you try some other. Divorces are so common these days because of the same reasons.

They say our lives are more stressful, more tensed, but why did this happen?
When we have the best technologies, best gadgets machines to help us work more smoothly, easily, and more efficiently, why are we becoming like machines.

Who is eating away our emotions? Our feelings?
Read a nice quote some time back, all things that make us happy and are good for us are not things. But...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Holi

Happy Holi friends, hope the colors of life complete your world just as you desire. Sometimes we dont know what we want, at those moments trust God.
Have fun, enjoy but be safe. New page, old friends, deadly combination, see you all at my new  place.

And ofcourse, a very happy INTERNATIONAL women's day to all my female friends. I was talking to friend of mine, asking her why we celebrate women's day specifically, and never a man's day, just cause its a man's world and we just have these few scattered mother's day, sister's day and national international women's days, and she tells me, Pooja, its not like that, we celebrate things that DESERVE to be celebrated, maybe the men folk dont deserve it. But then  I was like there are lots of men whom I think do deserve to be celebrated and looked upon on. But then on closer inspection I realized its nothing like it, the card manufactures know which side their butters their breads. So its more about the women in your life!! Enjoy...celebrate and dont think too much about it, after all its much ado abt nothing!! Aint it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ek main aur ekK tu, with an extra K

Ek Mein aur ek tu, no not you and me, but the movie, staring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor. I know it's been a long time since the movie released but ever since I saw the movie it's been in my head. It was a new awakening, I new era in Hindi cinema, no not technologically (I'm no judge on that), but content wise and the social message it brought across was a good one. It finally murdered, or has started the slow killing or the age old "ek ladka aur ek Ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte", a girl and a boy can never be JUST FRIENDS.  Yeah I know people like you and me were always aware of these things but in rural and even some parts of urban India are still under the influence of our conventional thinking and mind set.  Why go so far, even in our societies, we see people being labeled cause they share a house, a vehicle or maybe just spend some nice time together with someone from the opposite sex, siddha siddha character dhilla ho jata hai! Just cause a girl and boy sleep on the same bed does not imply that they are sleeping with each other.  Just cause a guy likes a girl she does not have to tie a rakhi to him, nor does she need to shun him or avoid him, most boys get of their infatuations or crushes and even if it's love they can take rejections.  A guy and a girl can still be friends, platonic relationships do exits.  Friends can call each other darlings and sweethearts and still not be in a physical relationship. It's possible. Just cause a girl hugs or kisses her guy friend he does not become her boyfriend and she does not become a slut! Times have really changed. Today, a guy-guy , or even a girl-girl relationship is more suspicious than that of a ladka-ladki, (boy-girl).  Times have changed and we need to change things too. The age old trend of finishing off all love stories, the good the bad or the ugly, with a marriage, which are equally worse, has finally begun to end.  As we see in real life, very few love stories, or affairs end up in marriages and even lesser are happily ever after, it happens only in fairy tales and out Hindi movies. But finally a fresh breeze of air I felt. Its been an unsaid rule that the leading couple has to be married off in the end, or killed like in Qayamat Se Qayamat tak, or Sathiya, but they for sure could not be left untied. Hence amongst all the drama, dialogues and dhishum dhishum, the end result was always "just married, happily forever." This trend was worse in cases of rape victims, if a female was raped also, the right to do was to force the bad man to marry her, and so she could be raped for the rest of her life without any consequences on the husband. It boils my temper when I see such cases, what could be worse for the girl? You are rewarding him and instead giving her a death sentence.  Our movies are not just a source of entertainment, they are not just a mirror of our society, many a times, they are also reference points in mane places. Actors and actresses are considered Gods and temples have been created for them. The general public looks upon then and their practices on screen are like lessons to live for most of our rural public. We have statutory warnings for smoking, violent scenes or even sexual content, but there is nothing telling the public that this is a movie, it's fiction and it should not be followed in real life. People look upon the society through movies and television shows now a days, best example is that of the saas-bahu relationship, it was never as strained as it is now, nor was it so notably a negative relationship, if you say something good or nice about your own mother in law or vice versa, it's almost a crime! But this was not there per-saas-bahu sagas, it's only after all these series that the terms have become so tainted.  So all in all, I loved the efforts of the Ek Main Ek Tu 's team, kudos for putting up the urban youths point of view, for telling people not to judge someone on the sex of their friends, just be and let others also be. Cheers to a new bollywood!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to say goodbye?

Well I'm hoping not, but for the time being am moving to WordPress, till I don't get things sorted with googl. Have left lots of help mails at their desk too, so positively waiting. Hope don't Get to comfortable with WordPress till then! Hope to see you all there too,, though most of you have suggested to move off to the promised paradise in blogosphere, I personally don't like changes, so will wish to be connected with blogger too. Let's see what the promised world has in store for me. This is life, it's all destined, never did I think I'd have to leave my first blog and move to a new hemisphere all to gather. God bless and take was great being here...see you at the new venue.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tech help required

Coming back to the problems I'm facing in posting my blogs, as I've mentioned in my previous post, I thought it best to ask for help from you people,my co-bloggers. Well for starters, I was using a normal computer, but then one day all of a sudden I was unable to access all my google accounts. I'm able to open the google search sites, but not personal accounts, specifically gmail and blogger. I usually used to use my cell phone to read and comment on your blogs. But during the same time, somehow, my mobile tells me, that my password is in correct and I need to check it from a PC. On checking the accounts from a friends system, I found that it accepts my old password only, which my cell is rejecting. Now tired with my daily constant complaints, my husband got me a iPad, he had seem me fretting over all the various indiblogger competitons, but now comes the new problem. I don't know how to edit word documents here. I alos dont kow why the page breaks are not many things that I dont know. And now I find out, I can't even link images to my posts. Tried unsuccessfully to link URLs and tags too. Teething day for sure, but am so tired of not being able to blog that I've finally come out seek help from anyone who can. People please leave your suggestions and share your experiences with me here.

Versatile or not, award it is.

I know it’s been a very long time, and no excuses for that too. But as most of us have been through this phase at some point or the other, where we want to come and blog but something or the other just keeps coming in the way. Before I left, I was bestowed upon an award by Bikramjit, now who doesn’t know Birkram Mann, he’s everywhere. This was my first award, and coming from Bikram it was more special because he is amongst my oldest and most regular follower, Thank you Bikramjit for all your wonderful comments and keeping up with me even when I’m so irregular. Well coming back to the Award it's rules are very simple. First: I have to nominate 15 fellow bloggers and also inform them about the same. Secondly, I have to share 7 random (what random means here…I don’t know) things about myself. Lastly, of course, thank the blogger who nominated you. Like you see, I did the thanking part (more so than required) first! But still, thank you Bikram for nominating me for this award. Once again! 7 random things about me would be very difficult, like there are so many things that I don’t know which 7 will do the least harm. 1. So the first thing that comes to my mind is, that though most of the people who come across me find me very confident and in control types, I’m not, “deekhavoo pe mat jao…apni akal lagao”. 2. Though at the same time, there are some who think I’m arrogant and don’t talk to me, but if you don’t talk to me how will you know me? 3. I need constant encouragement and motivation, *hint hint, leave more and more appreciative comments after you read my posts!*. Perfectly described by Linda Goodman, “She seems to be more even-tempered and emotionally steady than she actually is. Her manner may convince you that she's as firm as a rock and nothing can ruffle her calm surface. The truth is that she's subject to many moods”. 4. I completely believe in destiny and luck, or like how fate would have it, though I don’t believe in God that much. I think God has been created to instill the feelings of hope and fear in humans. From what little I have seen in my life, as well in others, I have come to realize good things can happen to bad and good people equally, and vice-versa. It’s just all destined. 5. I make new friends very easily, but also stick to the old ones for a long time…yeah am clingy that ways. Friends for once friends forever. 6. I’m very scared of pets, even parrots! I don’t know, can’t come close to anything with fur blankets included! 7. Have a very bad memory already! Can hardly remember and recollect faces or names! Gets me in lots of embarrassing situations very often. I’ve already forgot what and why I started off this! Now comes the tagging part!!! Yeeahh….and a personal request, please write 1 or 2 things about you that would show us your personal side too. In a random order of course. Sunil, I know he shares lots of his technological experiences, especially everything and anything with an i, does not talk much about him, so maybe this award can act like a catalyst and make his write about himself! A recent follower Swapna, who writes about parenting and her experiences, is indeed very versatile. Sunita’s blog, Sukupedia, I see, I feel, I say. As simple as it is, her blogs much more.. Farila or is it Farida, I’m a bit confused, has lots of wonderful things to share with us, especially since she’s faced so many upheavals in life herself. When I first went on DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)I was not expecting much, but then I was in for a surprise., more because of the 420 that follows his name, I want to know if it is meant for people like me? Sujatha Sathya has Conversations,, about life, relationships and love, but the way she says it I always feel she’s talking about me. Priya at very me, writes about her life and also about things happening around her. Rahul says he’s instable but if this is instability, I wish I had some too. Read more at Monumental Instability. Raj, love the way he hits the funny bone with all his sarcastic and humorous posts. Pramodji as he is fondly referred to on the blogosphere has lots to share on the workings of a marriage. even though his other blog about various other things is more popular, I personally prefer this on. Sensitive heart, as I’ve got to know her, writes about lots of things, from movie reviews to photography, she’s covered it all, but lately she’s been missing from the blogging world, here’s hoping this tag shall act like a catalyst and bring her back. She was also amongst the first bloggers whom I had interacted with. Raksha Bhatt, when I went to her blog and read her intro about herself, I wanted to read more. Here’s what she had to say, Flying through the seasons of life with me, myself and the world...A little of this and a little of that and all of everything! A Doctor by instinct, a Bookworm by desire... I am what I was...I am what I can be. Mukta a relatively new blogger has tons of yummy recipes at her blog, I think it really tough to keep up a cookery blog, which she is doing marvelously. though by tagging her I would like to know more about her as an individual too. Poems don’t interest me much, more so because they use too many unnecessary words most of the times, but Ritika Patel is an exception. Another blog that I have recently started following is Vivek Sheel, a private blog till now is a treasure trove, especially for morning SMSes. There are lots more blogs which I would have loved to have tagged, but then there are some whom I think do not accept these so called “AWARDS”, and some who I feel are way above their tagging days. But then all said and done, I think we all (ME INCLUDED) are doing a marvelous job indeed. Friends, due to some serious (for a complete tech-novice for me), technical difficulties, a very long story, fit to be my next blog...I am unable to link the image to this post, if there's anyone who can help me please let me know. How do I add an image on this post from my tablet. The choose file option is not valid here... And I also tried to link the image to it's web URL too. But that too dint work. And for the same reasons, please excuse all my formatting errors too...along with that, please xcuse any other errors too ;).Pleas let me know why the formatting thing is not working...while I'm typing here, it shows me proper spacing and line breaks, but when I preview it shows me no spacing no line or para breaks. Desperately help required. I'm just too desperate to post this so here it is. Please bear with me and my ignorance!!
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