Friday, July 2, 2010

The Fine Grey Line

Do your grades prove your true intellect? X may be a scholar in school days, but today I’m in a better position than X. But who decides if X is better or worse than me?

Does misleading amount to lying? I’d read somewhere that if your lie does some good then it’s a good lie. But who decides if your lie is going to be good or bad in the long run? And for whom does it have to be good, for you or for the other person?

You earn more than me, is this better or worse? You may be earning more but I live better, so who scores more? And who is keep score in the first place? And even if you are keeping score, how does it matter?

Your son sings better than my daughter, does this mean your child a better child then mine? Why do parents want to make their kids sing at all social do’s is something I never understood? What are you trying to prove in the first place?

Who decides that a fairer girl is better suited to marry than a darker one? Why cant a girl whose roti is not as round as a bucket be better on other counts?? Is the circumference of a chapatti the deciding factor of her capability as an individual? I personally have friends who are excellent cooks but can’t roll a round roti! So what!!

How have all these personal opinions become verdicts of our day to day lives? Are we better human beings just coz the other person is not so good in the eyes of the society? When will our fixation with all these weird notions change?

Let’s just live and let live! Enjoy life till it lasts, as it is its very short to be troubled with matters not in our hands. Be more forgiving and tolerant towards others.


  1. Hi first time on your blog, I liked this article I dont think it matter what grades you get in school, Look at me as example I was not or AM not good in studies at all.. managed to scrape through exams But I am successfull earning enough and settled .. I guess it depends what you are good at and finding it ... and then pursuing that ...
    In india i feel too much emphasis is laid on marks ...

    Lying is always bad no matter what .. because we cant decide if the lie is for good or for bad, for one it may be good for other bad..

    Offcourse each one to his own, as long as you know what you are doing is RIGHT and you dont hurt anyone I guess you are ok...

    Good article well done ...

  2. hi, first time in your blog and like your point of view. where i resonate with you the most is where you talk about "How have all these personal opinions become verdicts of our day to day lives?" In my opinion these are what called the consensual truths, i.e. just because most people believe in the same thing, it becomes the truth. I believe in living by one's personal truth, i.e. what is felt, experienced, thought through and well considered; and i guess you are talking about the same thing.

    good post.

  3. First time here.

    You are right about live and let live. And if one has to compete - it should be with oneself - simply because no two people are so alike that they can be compared fairly.

    Even in job interviews the one who is not good for one job could be great for another.

    Our obsession for fair ... I think might take a long time to change. Or if our media wants they ca make dark skin very fashionable too. And not just men, even women think a light skinned partner means a fair child. In some families a fairer child is favoured and pampered... :(

    The round chapati logic totally escapes me. We move ahead in every field but patriarchy ensures a girl's goal in life remains getting and staying married. Everything - their health , their education, their childhood fun and their dreams are sacrificed to achieve this one goal.

    Girls are made to work when their brothers are out playing cricket, to prepare for a future full of being tested for the roundness of their chapaties. One even hears stuff like, "She maybe an MBA, but every woman has to make chappaties". I think some of these can be easily changed. Dheeyan di maa raani budhape bharan paaani

  4. Thanks to all the 1st timers @Bikramjit, Sharbori, IHM! and feels nice to know that there are people out there who feel like you and want to make changes like you.
    but not every1 is strong and bold enough to do what they want.


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