Monday, July 5, 2010

i hate SOB stories

I had gone for the movie with lots of high expectations which were much misplaced. Last I would have expected from not 1 but 2 “Intelligent” actors to dish out something as fishy and stinking as I hate LUV stories, well that misspelled love only should have warned me! But as I’ve been a great fan of SRK & Kajol’s DDLJ and almost all love stories, I was not expecting to be THIS disappointed.

The movie started off on a cute note, but you can’t keep going on the same note for the whole time! I agree there were some nice moments, but hey, even shows on the telly can tickle my funny bone! I came here for some romance some magic and of course for some drama! But all I got was some under and over the hand pot-shots at the producer of the same film and also some of my most favorite scenes! I might have liked it, even enjoyed it; had it been accompanied something substantial or meaningful. But an overdose of insincere and pointless such references brings me to think how can you ridicule the past when all you’re showing us are their portrayals and then going ahead and doing the same things!

Here, I would like to appreciate that Karan Johar and the host of other celebrities who were used in the movie, have definitely proved their sporting spirits. The movie in a whole was more of a tutorial for people who want to take up movie making seriously ;).

I don’t like commenting on the actor’s acting or dancing skills, but here again I’ll make an exception, as there are some things even a novice like me can’t ignore. This particular scene when Imran Khan (J and not Jay) goes down on his knees to propose Sonam Kapoor (Simran) made me wince and close my eyes! Imran is an actor who tires only to act with his face, the rest of his body is just so stiff, even while dancing, at the same time Sonam is much more controlled and even looked stunning but still left u feeling something is missing!

Yes of course, how can I not mention styling and clothes? While Sonam’s clothes were very wearable and glamorous at the same time, the white flower stood out as a sore thumb. Even Imran Khan had perfected the look of the character but his body language seemed too loud for my taste, though I loved the sling he was carrying for the most part. But I dint understand the need to open his buttons in the song and dance sequence.

All in all, the movie felt flat on its face, and the ‘movie-within-a-movie’ formula does not help at all in the climax. Well for the villain, as there was one missing on the screen I’d say it should be Karan Johar for approving and financing the script!

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