Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diversity in Discrepancies

A married women of Indian origins, especially living in India, has such different levels of assorted lifestyles that is astonishes me every time I come across such a paradigm.

Last week I was reading Cosmopolitan and Savvy, (an Indian women magazine) both at the same time, something I normally don’t, coz they both portray a very different Indian women of today’s era for me. Nevertheless both the publications deal with dissimilar opinions they both proclaim to be the best friend of an Indian girl. It must be true, coz we have both the types all around us. Whether it’s in India or abroad!
The first one works in the corporate world, as portrayed by the former magazine, wearing designer office wear, and impeccable make-up, accessorized with the best names in the industry! And they ask us what more can women want! This in a land where most ladies, mind you even in metros, are made to drape saris over their heads so as to show respect to their elders! Short skirts and minis are far away dreams for such a female; she is not even allowed to wear salwar kameez only saris. But at the same time she is also a working modern woman who gets up at early odd hours in the morning to complete her home tasks so as to be able to reach office on time. Comes home in the evening and again sets off to finish her day’s domestic duties.

While on one side the Cosmo girl has no place in her life for hassles that we lesser mortals have to face on a day to day basis! No problems with maids, no cooking goof ups, no in-laws, no irritating unwanted guests, all they have to do is look ultra cool, sexy and suave! And on the other side there is this damsel in distress who still fits in our picture so perfectly.

How can one society be so multi-faceted and still manage to prosper so vividly? I know all my female friends (even me!) out there want to be the Cosmo girl, but dear we have others to think about too. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to strike the right balance between both these conflicting worlds and come out of our age old formal procedures and give up something on the cultural front?

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  1. A lot of girls who grow up in Savvy or Women's Era kind of backgrounds change their lives by not marrying until they meet the right kind of partner. Women are marrying later too.

    I feel financial independence combined with the right attitude can change a lot.


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