Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday endeavor

There my favorite most favorite day of the week just came to an end! Yes, and I'm sure most of you like me also must be Sunday fans! Well who doesn't like lying around till noon not doing anything just being there and wishing all days could be like this only!

I said “most fav" coz all other holidays are also amongst my favorites too! But they are not as dependable as Sundays! The others come and they go, we cant be too sure you’ll have a holiday next year on the same day! It especially happens with Indian festivals. And the others don’t come every week, if I had it my way, I’d be having only Sunday’s on my week list! Oopppss… but then I think it would make the world very lazy place to live in! Well well, maybe some things are not meant to change at all, maybe they are best the way they are. Maybe if we had more Sundays we would wait for Mondays then.

Someone was once asking me the reason for having Monday blues! And I got into thinking, yes at times I even think!! (My thinking cap needs to be pulled out once in a while, aint it?) So, do we get Monday blues coz we’ve had a nice Sunday? Or do we get Sunday coz Monday blues are on its way? And then I was also wondering about my friends in the Middle East, and all those other people who don’t have a holiday on Sunday do they also have Monday blues or would it be Saturday slugs for them?

Waiting for my next Sunday endeavor! Hopefully next week I’ll also have a movie Sunday! Those are my fav fav Sundays!

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