Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Favored Fatwa!

Breastfeed your drivers to make your bond more virtuous more pious! Can u believe this!

In Saudi Arabia, as most of us know, there is immense gender bias against their women folks. Not only is the Saudi women made to follow strict dress and behavioral codes – read covered with a thick veil and made to hide their skin and hair they are not even allowed to DRIVE! But enough is enough from them also, coz finally the females have raised their demands also, they say if not allowed to drive in their own country, they will use a “FATWA” - (religious ruling) issued by the government, which allows them to breastfeed their DRIVERS!  Is seems by breastfeeding these foreigners, their relationship will be as good as that of a mother and son. This Fatwa is based on the Islamic philosophy that breast milk kinship is considered to be as good as a blood relationship.

But now there is this lady who has not breast fed her own kids,was asking if her the driver will be more of a son to her then her own kids? 

And then there was this other lady who has not sired a son, only daughter, was asking if by this principle, can she forbid her husband from getting a new wife, coz now she has a son! 

And what happens if the husband stumbles upon this weird and unreasonable activity? Or if it happens the other way round I’m sure the wives would not mind at all! Make all the housemaids to breastfeed their husbands, so at least some of their illicit affairs can be clogged.

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