Friday, June 18, 2010

Actually about me!

I'm an Indore based "home-maker", wanting to meet more like minded people, who think and believe life is much more and needs to be shared and enjoyed to the fullest each day. And the best part is you don’t need to be from Indore, it’s a global invite, and costs you nothing at all! So keep reading!
I was born in Rajkot, a city in Gujarat, India and then was taken by my parents-literally as I was just 2yrs old, to Dubai, where I started my schooling and also completed it! Phew! Tough task done with I thought, but well I was wrong, coz then I had to enroll for graduation too, like why! Well, so for college my choice of place happened to be Bombay – ya I know now it’s called Mumbai now, but for some people like me it will always remain Bombay! Anyways how does it matter? So there I was in the city of dreams, well not dreaming though as reality was sinking in silently and but steadily. Life in Bombay/Mumbai is alluring but also keeps you plainly on your toes!
After graduating I was back to Rajkot, to cut a long story short, destiny took matters in her hands! Working there as an educator, yes teacher sounds so boring! And then came Mr. Charming and mysteriously convinced me to marry him, no he did now sweep me off my feet, it was an arranged marriage all the way! I said mysteriously because my folks had been behind me for years but I dint happen to agree with them. But then I don’t know when he suggested the same thing and how I agreed!
So now 5 years later, yes we just celebrated our 1/5th of our silver anniversary (is that the correct way to say it?) last month, and a daughter who will soon turn 4yrs too, I have decided to start blogging. Well I hear lots of people asking me WHY? But maybe that’s the reason why I’m doing this, to find some direction, some justification or just because I don have that many ears to talk to! And the blabber head that I am, thought will make silent conversations! As long as I get to talk! Why not!
So here I am, talking yapping chatting and in conversation with all of you wonderful people out there. Well now that I’ve called you all "WONDERFUL" please leave pleasant comments! At least say “Hello! I was here”.


  1. Wow pooja di.....I m impressed...........Keep up d good work..........I m wid U..........


  3. Hello, yes you made me say it

    love your Bio...


Read it or not, Liked it or not let it be anything, but do let me know you’ve been here…

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