Sunday, June 20, 2010

That’s the way – MAHI WAY!

For all those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a show, or rather was on Sony Television by the YRF banner’s it was aired on Friday nights from January onwards, but now it’s a bit too late as they showed the finale episode last Friday (19th June) night! Yes you got it right, a show that was on air for just 6 months, I know if Ekta Kapoor had to do it she’d have a heart attack! After all her shows run for like years and decades, generations through generations, and all in the same fashion and styling period!

Ive always wondered how in these “typical serials” one never grows old, never looks the age and wears sari’s fit for a kings wedding on a daily and nightly basis! And still we keep watching the show day after day or rather night after night. And what surprises me the most is the fact that its those Ekta's mindless serials which have a higher TRP than the other more sensible ones!

I loved the way the Mahi way team put a cap on the series. The story is like the central character is a 26 year old overweight (actually fat) girl working for a media publication. But she has a great sense of humor and a extraordinary attitude towards life and her expectations from life are also a bit far fetched! But who knew that the most eligible bachelor in the city, whom Mahi had been eying at for a long time would fall in love with her and want to get married to her! Even though she’s been wishing and dreaming of this improbable probability since we first saw her on the tube, when her dreams turn into reality, she runs away from the wedding mandap! and in all her typical Punjabi bridal gear she runs to Wimpy’s ya, the burger joint to eat!!!! Well and then she tells us that in the past 6 months, after having 3 boyfriend, almost being married she feels more confident! And I ask Why not! You had the best guy in town, ready to marry you and the people at work also at your feet, why not!

But its courage it takes to run away from what looked perfect in the beginning, turned out not too perfect when you had it. Our dreams at times can also be like mirages. They are our illusion or delusion that if such and such happens we will be happy. But we forget happiness is within us! And if we manage to find happiness or tranquility inside us nothing else matters!

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