Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Punished for being a witness

Today while leafing through the local newspapers I came across an article about Devika.  She is an eleven year old Mumbaikar, who happened to be at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus at the time of the unfortunate terror attacks in 2008. She is the youngest eye-witness who testified against Ajmal Kasab in court and brought justice for all those whose lives were shattered by the massacre.

Now Devika, who was also injured in the same incident, is being denied admission in a particular private school citing security reasons. They think that the school will have to face the wrath of the terrorist and so will be their next targets! Can the school guarantee that if they do not admit Devika they will be not targeted victims of any terrorist’s activities? I fail to understand how schools, the teachers of honesty and patriotism can succumb in such a manner.

And if this is the scenario how will others get the nerve to stand up for the right cause. We all should stand up to the cause and unite to help victims like Devika from not being targeted again and again! First it was the terrorists who devastated her life and injured her physically and emotionally and now the school authorities are troubling her mentally.


  1. i think these people should be jailed for this govt. should make a law for this.

  2. @Abhijeet, welcome to my blog. Yes the govenemnt should make laws, but even if they do, can u tell me who will implement these laws.
    we already hve so many laws that are not being taken seriously.


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