Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shining Ahuja v/s Shabana Azmi

There was a time when even eve-teasing was the most that parents of young girls had to be prepared for. And today even rape cases are so common that parents just pray and thank God it is not their daughter.

I remember movies in which to rape an actress the villains would try and get the to a secluded area like the farms or the forest but these day heroes (Shiney Ahuja and those 4 policemen) need not even bother with it. They have their own dens in the form of houses, jails or even cars for a change. I wouldn’t be surprised if u were to come across you tubes of those b*******, please excuse my language, were caught exchanging which car would be more handy and comfortable to use for their unjustified usage.

But yes times have changed. Those days when a girl was eve-teased the boy was called a “gundda” or a “mawali” but today’s new, the so called educated men of today’s times who run institutions and colleges say its coz the girl was dressed in an instigating manner. I would like it ask these educationist was the lady who was in the jail wearing jeans, shorts or something that is in our “sanskruti” a sari or salwar I’m presuming in all my ignorant ways of thinking. But please do correct me “sir” if I'm mistaken. I would also like u to enlighten me and tell me what you think the outcome would be if we were to impose a dress code on the boys of your institution.

Is this a system failure or should I say a sister failure. If the women of our country are not safe on the roads, cars, homes, offices and now even in the jails where do we go?

I’ve personally always been of the opinion that females do not need any special reservations or privileges to become a stronger race. But now I think otherwise. I think we should not only get reservations and privileges but desperately need areas allotted which are strictly only for females. Arey why not? These will be places where we can roam around in peace in safety with security. Where there will be no men lurking in the dark or in broad daylight to pounce and get his hands on us, the supposedly stronger (emotionally) gender of our species.

We always come across SMSes articles and etc. implying how a wife dominate her husband or in some way or the other how the females control a man’s world. But how often do we actually come across such incidents in real life. We have turned a blind eye towards the reality of our society. It is such a common occurrence that now in our culture we take it to be a way of life. Small practices like getting married and the bride accepting the groom’s world as hers is something that has been followed by all of us just blindly. If we go deep down and see where it has stemmed from we will realize that it is never stated in our scriptures that girl goes to the boy’s house. Once married the bride n groom were supposed to built their own house and start their wing of the family.

When I see serials like “Balika Vadhu” and “Na Aana Is Desh Ladoo” I'm not surprised at all these are incidents which are sowen in all our lives in some ways or the other. It is just that they have particularly given it a defined background and culture. But these are problems of our modern day lives too. None of us can honestly say NO these issues are not common place. I would also like to applaud all these telecast the efforts they are putting up to educate and eradicate these instilled “prathas” or traditions in our minds.

Though ive mentioned only these 2 serials I'm sure there are many more in the rounds. I hope they can and they do bring around some change.

Otherwise finally we have the likes of Shabana Azmiji who are demanding reserved seats in the parliament today and tomorrow someone else will ask for area allocation within the country.

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