Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Customer is king??

Customer is king, bait or a fake feel good statement!

For the past some weeks, almost 2 months now, I have been facing regular problems with my broadband connection. On complaining to the guy whom I hand over my payment to, I’m told not to worry, it will be done soon; and it is. But he forgets to mention that it will be a temporary relief. Within 2 days I’m again facing the same problem again.

Then I take matters further and call their “customer care” number, which for the customer’s convenience they keep toll free, because of which you have to keep trying a zillion times to get through, throughout I’m wondering how many other users are having similar difficulties with their connections too!

My call is finally answered by a computer, who asks me so many (useless) questions about me, my account, my location and so on, that I almost forget what I had called for. Then after being transferred through the maze, I call it a maze coz that’s how I felt, press 1/2/3 for language selection, then again go through a dozen numbers to tell them what service I’m using, then I have to tell them which connection I’m using, and then I have to select which department I want to talk to, accounts, recharge, technical, etc etc!

Just when I was on the verge of hanging up a polite and friendly human is on the other side of the line, I say hello too and she asks me who I am, where I am calling from (how does it matter?) what connection I have and all the same series of questions all over again! And as it is as soon as I give them the name of my connection they will have all these same details in matter of seconds on their monitors as well. But as I needed my net to be working again so I oblige her though very sardonically! 

Oh did I tell you even after selecting English as my preferred language I am made to converse with a Marathi speaking executive, we both somehow manage to understand each other. And after going through all their procedural requirements for almost all afternoon she tells me I am in the wrong department! I had selected technical and now I had to go to the complaints department! I ask her if there is a short cut of some sort, coz I’ve already spent more than an hour to get till her. But I realize she’s hung up- all the hospitality and politeness don’t with!
So I’m off calling them again. Anyone out there have any ideas how I can make this happen faster and easier, like life is supposed to be with developing technologies?

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  1. Just now I tweeted - "Your call is important to us. Please stay on hold." is the biggest lie ever told in the history of mankind. :)

  2. all the best , all companies are bad at customer services here is a idea try this when you call next time , call the number where they give new contracts or to pay som money.. THAT CALL IS PICKED WITHIN SECONDS.... or try the Cancellation dept.. tell them the reason and see how quickly ur call is picked up

    then you can ask them to transfer you to customer service it might work..

    but i can understand your pain lucky u dont have pay some nubmers here in uk are chargable so we got to pay tooo for holding...

    Bikram's Blog

  3. @Reema, ya its important and thats why we dont care!
    @Bikramjit, Well the guy who collects my payments told me he could not do anything about it, (remember I had already paid up, waiting for him to come for the next renewal.
    But paying for waiting..now this is a limit! n i thought customer service in UK was better then here!


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