Friday, October 15, 2010

5 minutes, please

A wife called her husband at work, during his so called “peak hours “(when is it off peak?).

Tring Tring.

Husband:          Hello? (In his sweet and ready-to-help you tone.)
Wife:                Hi! It’s me.
Husband:          “Oh, What is it?” (In his very husbandly tone)
Wife:                “What do you want to have for dinner” (wanted an excuse to talk to him.)
Husband:          “I’ll call you in 5 mins. Am busy right now.” (Being genuinely busy and                                    tied up with more important matters.)
Wife:                “Ok fine but don’t forget. Bye.”
Husband:          “” Why say bye when I am going to call back in 5 mins.

After waiting for more than an hour the wife calls husband again.
Wife:                “Hi” (a bit angry and hurt but tone still in control)
Husband:          “What now, I told you I’ll call you once I’m free”
Wife:                “No you said you will call in 5 mins.” (Loosing her patience, almost)
Husband:          “Ok so I was busy and you can make whatever you feel like, I don’t have                                  issues.” (Thinking he understands and is being co-operative.)
Wife:                “Ok. Bye.” (Hurt, disappointed and even feeling lonelier.)

Next day the wife was out with her friends, she had called and informed her husband that she will be gone for 2hours in the evening. On returning home, he finds us still out, so he calls to inquire about her whereabouts.

Wife:                “Hello”
Husband:          “Where are you?”
Wife:                “I told you I will be going out with my friends”
Husband:          “Ok I’m home when will you be getting back?”
Wife:                In 5 mins.”

Husband not being used to being alone in the house, calls wife in less then 20mins and asks what happened why she isn’t home yet.

Husband:          “You said 5 mins; it’s been more than 20.” (Irritated and almost angry)
Wife:                “Ya I know, but yesterday your 5 mins was 2 hours long and today lasted only for 20 mins?” (She was teasing him not realizing that he is angry)                

Husband hangs up, would have banged the phone had it not been his new hi-tech cell phone.


  1. This is Really Mean Sis... You very well know that we Guys have a thousand things running in our Minds when we are at Work... I think we should be excused for these small things. I mean, I understand that Wife's want attention when they are at home alone, but then we Guys do have our limitations as well right!!!.. But a good thought anyways... :)

  2. Hello, its like if at times yr 5 mins can stretch for hours, you should be ready to give us the same leverage.

  3. Happens both ways Pooja, and somehow I feel these tit-bits keep the spark alive! :)

  4. i was thinking i will get back to this article in 5 MINUTES :) but i thought i better not .. else you might take 5 minutes in coming to my blog tooo he he he he he :)

    But i understand exactly what you mean ... :)

    made me smile though thinking of few memories on the same pattenr :)

    Bikram's blog

  5. @Sourav, yes i agree these tit-bits do keep the spark alive, if taken sportingly and they happen both ways.

    @Bikramjeet, see i took 5mins to moderate yr comment! (not intended too but had was occupied)

  6. Nice one, well thats only one side of the story, bad boss, stupid creatures at work are the other side of the story. :-)

  7. Well thought and well put story.Actually most men's are like that..cant disagree .

  8. Hi Uma, spoken like a true feminist, says my male readers! Welcome and thanks.


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