Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sasuraal Genda Phool

Being away from the net made the telly my obvious next choice or rather my other best friend. I was “hooked booked and cooked” – as the designer duo Abu-Sandeep say on their show “The First Ladies”.

In school I was taught that India is a land of diverse religions, traditions and customs, had they showed me these shows in those days I would have learnt my lessons much easier and faster. Now I’m almost an expert on customs and traditions of not just the Gujrati culture but also Bengali, Marwadi, Rajasthani and Marathi households.

Now I know more about these cultures then my mom too, like last week when the Gujju family of “Saath Nibhao Saathiya” was fasting and then celebrating some teej I asked my mom why she never did it! Likewise I know much in advance when Karwaachot or any other Ashtamis or Teejs are around the corner. I remember in the “Yeh Rishta Hya Kehlata hai” series (also known as Akshra wala at home); they stretched pulled and dragged the holi celebrations for more than a month!

Then in the Aanandi series, “Balika Vadhu” I learned the way they greet each other with a “Ghanni Khamma” I’m not sure what it exactly means but from whatever little I understand of the language I think it is a sort of an apology, please correct me if I’m mistaken, I’ve come to this conclusion on the basis on the 2 words, Ghanni meaning lots and Khamma meaning sorry, I could be completely wrong also. But on the other hand, in most of the other regions people greet with their Lord’s name, like Jai Shree Krishna or Jai Jinendra, or Jai Matadi etc. I rarely hear a Namaste, which is supposed to be our national greeting.

These shows create make-believe scenes so close to their natural environments that even if I dint know much about India I would always associate a Marwadi person with Rajasthan, and similarly a long sari draped in the special Marathi style with someone from Maharasthra. Though I have lived in Mumbai for some time, I dint know then that mother is “aai” then, now I do!
Similarly I’ve also come to know more about their cuisines and special food items they prefer and prepare for particular seasons. Like for instance, for Parsi a lamb and meat preparation called Dhaan-Shaakh, a lovely dish even in the vegetarian form.

Though there are also some regions and cultures that we are completely clueless about like the eastern and the southern Indians regions are largely ignored and then there is an absence of Muslim and Christian families’ completely from the screens too. Though these are mentioned in the passing in some of the “haat ke” serials like “Tarakh Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma” and others but not in the main stream line.

These days I love this show called “Papad Pol” on SUB TV, for its romantic humor. I also enjoy Suhana in “Sasuraal Genda Phool”, this show portrays how a family can make life so much easier if they all come together and accept the new girl as their own, letting her be herself and loving her unconditionally. 
These things can only happen on television, but here wishing people learn from these examples and practice them in real life too. 


  1. Hmmm...
    Sometimes I Also Like To Watch T.V...BuT MeiN hAmEsHA NaHi dEKhTE .. lOl

    I Like To Watch Serials From Above Like
    - Sasuraal Genda Phool
    - arakh Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma
    - Balika Vadhu
    & Bla Bla ..

    Neways Nice Post..KEEP POSTING!

  2. @moonshine, ya its a nice change and when V're in a lazy mood its easier to handle the remote than the keyboard! I love Sasuraal Genda phool.

  3. Hey Pooja, why were u away from net? I think I'll miss it terribly, if i cannot express myself through my blog.

    hmm, u've given quite a few serials thing. somehow, I don't like them much. i mean beyond a point I get bored. Too much emotions.... much ado about nothing !:)

    I prefer news, and nat geo and discovery over them even movies are better thing to watch.

    Now a days serials, are targeting rural audience, what say you?


  4. i dont watch hindi serials i find them very boring , you cna miss a few episodes and the next you watch the story is still there only

    Havnot seen any of them :)


  5. @Sensitive heart, was away coz of some connection problems. And yes even I missed all this lots.
    I think the target audience is still the urban lot, people like to see what they cant feel or experience. Like for a rural person seeing what happens in the city is more exciting and they will believe it easily. same ways in an urban household they want to see what is happening in the villages and to the less blessed ones. So that is why we are seeing more village scenes.
    I personally also prefer other channels too, like travel and living and History, lots of interesting stuff is shown. But as I share the tube with my MIL I had to watch what was on the screen!

    @Bikramjeet, U are so right, I was watching some of these soaps for the first time, but still managed to figure out what has been happening for the last 2-3 years! Most of the times you don't need to watch the episodes only the trailers suffice.


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