Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Holi

Happy Holi friends, hope the colors of life complete your world just as you desire. Sometimes we dont know what we want, at those moments trust God.
Have fun, enjoy but be safe. New page, old friends, deadly combination, see you all at my new  place.

And ofcourse, a very happy INTERNATIONAL women's day to all my female friends. I was talking to friend of mine, asking her why we celebrate women's day specifically, and never a man's day, just cause its a man's world and we just have these few scattered mother's day, sister's day and national international women's days, and she tells me, Pooja, its not like that, we celebrate things that DESERVE to be celebrated, maybe the men folk dont deserve it. But then  I was like there are lots of men whom I think do deserve to be celebrated and looked upon on. But then on closer inspection I realized its nothing like it, the card manufactures know which side their butters their breads. So its more about the women in your life!! Enjoy...celebrate and dont think too much about it, after all its much ado abt nothing!! Aint it?


  1. A very happy holi to you and everyone around you tooo.. Have a great day


  2. We deserve to be celebrated. We are the ones who make your house a home, taught you how to love, cared for you when you were sick.
    What would you have done without us?

  3. @Bikram, hope you too had a great holi, and all your issues are solved too.

    @Purba, yes we do deserve to be celebrated, but not just once or twice a year, but through out the year, not just for one reason but for everything that we are.

  4. A mans day .. hmm I think the idea is good. At least they would behave on that particular day?

    1. Ahem...Farila with men you never know.


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