Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Return Policy

NO excuses for not being here...for letting go of my blog...which at one point of time was my best getaway...
there are more than 5--6 drafts, return drafts, that I had intended to be my welcome back post after this uncalled for hiatus but forgetting all of them I am writing this without any editing or calling, just so as to get back to writing. Writing for just me and whoever wants to read or listen…to my much ado about nothing.

But this post is not about nothing….it’s about me making a promise, and another promise to try and not break the former promise and sticking to my blog and not neglecting it ever again!

Most of us do that at some point or the other, no I’m not trying to shift the blame or downplay my laziness, but we all do take things for granted, especially people and relationships. And we all know this too, which relationship we can take for granted and which not. But dearies, the ones that you take for granted are the best one and they are meant to be treasured, cherished and held on to.

I wanted to write about getting married and marriage and all the relationships that it brings with it, but would like to stop here and just thank all those bloggers for stopping by, and making me feel special by letting me know I was missed, Thank you so much, and these relationships I shall never take lightly! 


  1. Ok I take ur word for it .. but sometimes the relationships we take for granted .. do need more attention .. lest they go haywire .. Take care and see you around


  2. Well I'd made a small personal wager with myslf, sayin u'd be the 1st one to comment n notice I'm back, thank u- for not lettin me down.

    well I feel no relship shud ever be taken for granted at all times, ya I can understand letting loose for sumtime, but not for long. And I also think that the relationships we take for granted are the ones we don't really value, yet, but wen they move away, we realize how much it meant to us. Before its a bit too late.



Read it or not, Liked it or not let it be anything, but do let me know you’ve been here…

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