Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its all grey

Early to bed, early to rise,no longer makes you healthy wealthy or wise. It's only when you are feeling unwell, or don't have anything interesting, to do that you sleep early, and now that you don't do anything interesting, don't go out, means you will never know what is happening around you, hence no you are not getting any wisdom!

There was a time when people used to respect one's degrees and scores, now it's all about which university or college you passed out from, how much you paid to get into and which car you use and where you party.

It's not how honest you are, it's how many times you dint get caught, or rather how you manage to squeeze out something extra for free.

There is no black or white, its all grey now.

When I was in school it was a sin to be seen with a boy but today it's a sin to accept that you are out of school and yet a virgin! It's almost unacceptable to be loyal towards anyone. Ad of you are, you are "boring".

So many concepts have changed, people used to fear aids, as its forever, but now it's for everyone

Fruits and veggies were the best fitness mantra, but now these same fruits and vegetables are so full of toxics that if used without any process straight from the lap of mother nature, you may also end up in her lap, dead.

First it was family and friends but now friends are your real family. A friend is someone whom you choose but family is not a choice, gone are the times when family was a gift from God.

Gone are the days when we wanted our kids to be innocent and naive, today, I want my daughter to be smart, shrewd and even cunning if the situation demands.


  1. sounds dreadfull though ...

    I agree with every point you have made , now wonder the world we live in is so GREAYYYYYYYYYYY


  2. totally agree with you.. its all grey...but I also believe that we are the ones who hold the brush..not to forget that u can add more of white or black and make it the color of your choice everytime it turns grey.. can sound tiring but persistence is the name of the game..


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