Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to say goodbye?

Well I'm hoping not, but for the time being am moving to WordPress, till I don't get things sorted with googl. Have left lots of help mails at their desk too, so positively waiting. Hope don't Get to comfortable with WordPress till then! Hope to see you all there too, poojashahdesai.wordpress.com, though most of you have suggested to move off to the promised paradise in blogosphere, I personally don't like changes, so will wish to be connected with blogger too. Let's see what the promised world has in store for me. This is life, it's all destined, never did I think I'd have to leave my first blog and move to a new hemisphere all to gather. God bless and take care...it was great being here...see you at the new venue. poojashahdesai.wordpress.com


  1. wait..what..???????why going to wordpress?whats the exact problem here????

    1. Rahul caught you.....you've not been reading my posts!!! Any ways don't blame you, but the problem is that google accounts are not working on my pc, for quite some time now, due to some security problems, I'm unable to access them through any browsers. I can't access my accounts through any applications either from my cell phone, says incorrect password, but if I access these same accounts through opera from my phone, it accepts that same password.
      I can can't Create posts on blogger through my tablet either, read my last post, tech help needed, for more details.

  2. Gosh I'm not liking it at Wordpress, someone please tell me how to go about it!

  3. ok see you there then :) you will like it I har problems when i started but slowly you will get the idea ..


  4. Oh great, was wondering if I was the only one to be facing these probs. thank you so much for saying even you had issues. No please don misunderstand, just don like the switchover, that's it, still taking time and getting the hang of things there.
    Hope to see you there too.


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