Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time life-line

Randomly Daily,
There was a time when I wanted to embrace you, death
But when the time came a couple of hours I had to ask.

Of all the things when you wake me up, alarm clock
All I ask for is some spare minutes, around 120 would be fine.

Last night when I was battling with you, insomnia 
Tossing right left and center
Wishing 2 hours would just casually fly away.

As a child,
When times were tough and testing, exams
In school I always prayed
Let these 2 hours stretch so long,
For me to study more
And score galore

On the ground though, playground
With friends and games,
Always warned you, time
Come not so soon, give me some grace
And come 2 fun hours away.

Mornings were the same, with the sun bringing light
And mom’s same music, yelling
To wake me, to take me on
The ride of the day
Why not some more time I ask?
What the big deal in 2 hours anyway?

Later in life,
When I was there, in college
There were moments,
When you could have helped,
Make it to class on time
Make it to finish line,
But you were most needed
Those 2hours with coffee and her
Went like a blur,
But another 2 with just coffee
Were a curse.

As of now,
Always running short of time here, office desk
With files flying low while the works pilling high
How many wonders could have been worked
If you just gave me those 2 magical hours though?

Never have enough time to be with you, wife
Just stealing flashes from here and there,
Never have time to sit and chill, show you my love,
Give me 2 hours more on the house for thou.

At the park with my hand in hers, my child
I wished these hours would just pause for 2
Only for the cause of my love and joy
Is with you

Need to go out and pamper you, moi self
For health, care, love and spares
Want to travel, want to relax
Want to be whatever is to be.

Surf Excel
Give me 2hours you, but I’m telling
I’ll come back for more and more!


This post was written for Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest on Indiblogger. They want to know what you would like to do If you were granted 2 extra hours everyday ? Do share your views here! 

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  1. Very well written poetry. Loved reading your post and so true that we all need more and more of time.

  2. Farila, thank you so much, I agree, no matter how much time we have,if we dont organize and plan appropriately, it will never be enough, but on the other hand if we can manage to plan appropriately and even execute properly then time shall never be a constraint.

  3. this was one lovely post.. loved the way you have essayed that throughtout an individuals life, dnt we always need more of time ;P

  4. Hy Pooja, right on!! So true.. plannin makes an hour longer thn it is :)

    Nice poem, Pooja.. all the best :)

  5. time is something that we all need i think , some realise it some dont .. and those who dont will realise it sooon ..
    and time is WHAt we dont have ..

    all the best for the contest ..


  6. Nice poem. I fully agree. The time is there in the day. But there where you don't need it and not there where you need it. Up to you to pick out all the hours from where you don't need it and move it to where you need it. Liked how you converted something so prosaic and practical like time management into poetry.


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