Monday, November 21, 2011

Surf 2 hours away

Lying on my bed,
No it’s still not late
Though it’s almost 10
But I got 2 hours to spare.

Till the moon cradles his head
And my eyes go droopy dead

So up I bounce,
Think on what to pounce
If Only it was a.m.
Fill shopping bags would be my goal
But as its p.m. closed is the mall

I had some unread paper,
But for that I am late
Coz by the time I’d get done
It would be another date.

New news waiting at the door
With all the things I so bore

I thought of my guy
And what all we could do
But nothing works with him
After he’s had his booze

Back to square one, with what to do
Cause today I have 2 hours to move

Then I do what I do best, 
Google about what to do,
And it opens a treasure
On things from head to toe

I settle down on paper craft
With a stick of glue and paper
But strike I hear the clock
Telling me, my 2 hour’s over.

Why does not it trouble me you may ask,
Cause I tell you, tomorrow 
I shall surf clothes again,
And be rewarded with a 2 hour gain!

This post was written for Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest on Indiblogger. They want to know what you would like to do If you were granted 2 extra hours everyday ? Do leave your comments. And unlike me, don't waste this precious time whiling away. 

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  1. Wonderful thought! Creatively written... Loved the way you ended it up... Brilliant! Good Luck :)

  2. Wonderful use of two hours.

    Best of the luck for the contest!

  3. good use of 2 hrs :) :).. good luck :) :)

  4. Even paper crafts help us to while away our times; it may be a bit old fashioned to stick to glue & paper but there's still a lot of fun in making paper boats and rockets, ain't it????


  5. very true Sriramnivas, paper craft is very fun and keeps you so engrossed that I tend to forget to keep track of time, there's lots we can do with just plain paper scissors and glue, if you have some paints handy even better...I can keep writing about this!


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