Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy?? Children’s day

Today my 5 year old daughter’s routine was like this.

6:00am (Yes before the sun rises) Get up and get dressed for school. Bus arrives at 7:00am.

It’s a very important day for her at school; she has Children’s day celebration (read competitions). There 
was a Spell Bee event, followed by some fancy chocolate-cookie races and some quiz games.

For breakfast they had to take their favorite snack which could not be Maggie, chips, burger or pizzas in short nothing junk (nothing that kids would actually have liked). So I make her cheese parathas (my favorite and boring in her vocabulary).

For lunch they were served the routine food (again boring) but as it was a special day, a single ice-cream scoop was given as treat. Vanilla ice-cream, she detests.
2:00pm Back from school; has her fruits with a bowl of curd. She shows me the cute “Happy Children’s day” paper lolly she got from school. She tells me its “”Chacha Jawaharlal Nehru’s bday today, and so its children’s day”.

I ask her what she wants to do today as it’s her special day. She tells me “Mumma I want to watch tv, Doremon, Chotta Bheem , Mr. Bean…” (Her list is endless, I happen to remember only these many); Wants to eat Maggie, strawberry ice-cream and some chocolates (this is added sensing her mom’s in a generous mood today). She does not want to study or even do her homework, (whatever made me ask her)! I don’t agree, but don’t say a no, thinking its Children’s day.

But time soon flies and it’s time for her evening class.

3:30pm time for her evening class. Have children’s day celebrations (again competition) there too. Kids have to talk about what children’s day means to them. I have no clue what she’ll say but judking by the answers I got I’m sure she does not stand any chance of winning any prizes (she’s mumma’s girl, even I never won much). Anyways I don’t want to dwell on it much coz I have dinner to prepare before she comes.

5:30pm. she’s back and I make Maggie for her finally; that’s the least I can do for her, while she gets comfortable on the couch with the remote.  All this after she promises me that she will complete her home work later, or even the next morning pukka - pukka, I let her go, knowing very well nothing of that sort will happen. But then it’s her day, so she’s excused.

But some time in the afternoon, when my friends told me they were taking their kids for some children’s day celebration (more competitions and promotions too this time) to a couple of places, even I was tempted. But then I thought why? Why would she want to go and run races with spoons in her mouth, why would she want to stick tails on donkeys or even shoot balloons? Just so that I can show off to my friends some extra certificates, gifts or the best possibility was appearing in a group photo in the local daily? Would it excite her? Yes it would if her day had not been like how it was, had she slept till 10-11 in the morning, had not gone for swimming for 45 minutes, she would have enjoyed it, loved it.

But then there are times, when I wonder if as a parent, what will happen if I don’t give her the same exposure that these other kids are getting, would my daughter be missing out on some things? Will she not be as completive as the others? What is it that I need to do? Do I let her enjoy life as it is, or do I push her and run with her from one competition to the other, from one experience to the other? What is the right thing to do as a parent? What if she decides to become a couch potato for the rest of her life? Obviously I’ll be blamed!

It is not easy to assimilate that a child is happiest when she/he gets to do what she/he wants, to be able to decide what and when. So decision taken, I go to the couch to ask her what she wants to do, but I can’t ask her.

7:00pm She’s snoring away and smiling! And here I am having the Maggie and blogging!


  1. haha, Nice post :) I enjoyed reading it... Snap of the maggie is as cool as your sharing :)
    Time line kind of post is awesome :)
    I enjoyed as like the JAIN post !

  2. hehe. A very cute blog post. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  3. blesssssssssss I bet she is tired with all that going on ..

    She will be fine dont think too much, you know your daughter best dont let others influence you each to there own way :)

    Give her a hug from me and a happy childrens day to her :)here's wishing each day is childrens day for her


  4. Hey Pooja, lovely post n very insightful too.. it's so true - kids today hv so many expectations to fulfill tht its not funny.. I knw fr a fact that I was not even a tenth as hard workin as my teenage cousin whn I ws her age.. n sometimes, I think I am lucky to hv been part of the 80's .. but at the same time, the maturity tht today's youngsters display is amazing!! my couz teaches me bout the apps on my phone n some crazy functions o my TV, much to my amazement :)

    Lovely read, Pooja :)

  5. Funny, maggi noddles is also my comfort food, I have it when I'm alone :)

    You'd voted for an indivine post of mine, which led me here. Lovely post, reminds me of my childhood when I too had the fun children's day parties :D

    I have a favour to ask. I have another indivine post which I'm desperate for further readership. And the only way to get that is votes. Could you take a few minutes off to read it, and if you like it, could you please vote for it? I'd be super duper grateful :)

  6. wow....such a sweet post
    Happy Children's day to your daughter....and too you too....after all hum bhi toh bacche hi hai.....abhi hamari umar hi kya hai...hahahaha

  7. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK Thanks for liking both the post in one go! I guess Maggie clicks with everyone.

    @Ranting Indian Thnks, and your post is awesome, as it is, love posts with a message. Loved the concept and everything. Wish you luck.

    @Bikramjit Yaa, but there are times when I wish she’s tired and stops creating havoc all over the house, while sometimes when she’s sleeping peacefully I miss her naughty nothings so much! I guess that’s how all kid-parent jodis are. And like I’ve said in my posts, I have no insecurities about how my child will do in life, I also tell her to choose what she wants to do and what not, so much so that, nowadays, she tells me “Mumma, today I don’t think I will enjoy school, so aaj chutti karte hai!”. She’s becoming fearfully independent. But somewhere within myself I’m liking it.

    @R-A-J Hi Raj, after a long time. I’m surprised at the way kids today can handle any complicated gadget so simply, and somewhere am convinced that these newer models (kids) that God is making have some pre-defined know-how-to knowledge which helps them grasp any technology faster and better than us. But then the know-how does not come by going for extra classes or tuitions. Like I said, it’s in-built.

    @The Story Teller Yes maggie does the trick most of the times, otherwise try chocolates for females or fried foods for males. Voted for your post, and you definitely do not need to worry about your readership, its really good. Just keep writing (and commenting).

    @Seema, Umar se abhi bacche hi hai, but responsibilities ki koi SEEMA nahi hai!

  8. Awww pooja such a lovely funny post.I was smiling at every line of the post.My daughter is still not old enough for me to worry about her being in competitions but I could totally relate to what you said.

  9. I think you are a great parent.. Loved your blog

  10. Hi @Swapna,your daughter is very cute, and i so wish, even for mine, that they dont even loose on these enjoying their stress free, innocent days. But we know thats not possible, soon they too shall join the race.
    @Farila, thank you so much for that compliment. But then there are times when we think we could have been even better, especially with me when I've lost control and shouted at her, knowing very well I would have got better results had I spoken and explained to her with patience.

  11. Awww Pooja. this made me think. i used to win loads of prizes and i still am competitive but when am a.mother i want my child to be. i don't want to push. my English teacher back was like you. He always said kids won't get this time back. let them enjoy the childhood. :-)

    even though am.not a mum yet, i could totally connect...Maggie :-D i love it. i hate it.

    i will tweet your blog...<3<3

  12. came here through Chintan and loved this post. my daughter is also 5 & you just described a day from my life too.

    you know, Tanvi has this cycle of fav cartoons to watch ENDLESSLY it was Tom & Jerry (which i didnt mind at all) then came Chota Bheem etc. Now its Doroemon which i so hated that once i hid the remote coz i couldnt bear to hear his voice! But the strangest of strange things happened. She speaks flawless Hindi now thanks to Nobita & Doroemon!!

    and the 'slept off with a smile by 7 p.m" - so tired after all the things they do in a single day

    loved your narration here

  13. First of all, thanx a lot for sharing this entertaining post; it feels great for a mom to know about the tastes and preferences of her kid, especially on the eve of Children's day. As a supermom of modern era, you must be feeling it better than me. The words efforlessly reverberates your happy state of mind and hats off to your writing skills.....


  14. Loved reading the post Pooja.. first time here and liked the way you write too...:) :)..would thank @Thebluntblogger for suggesting.. :)

    dont worry about your little gal...imagine when she must have gone to school and told her friends how she spent her day in front of the tv with that delicious maggi...her friends must have been jealous...and about being competitive.. honey she is a winner already with a mom like you.. so chill and nnnjoooyyy .. by the way Doremon happens to be my fav too :D :D :D

  15. @Chintan, Ya from how much I know you, I can imagine you being the student of the year types, was so in awe of them when I was in school. And the precisely why you will not have to push your child too, he/she will be like you, it’s just comes in the genes, there are times when I tell Stuti, my daughter, why can’t you get all 10 stars why did you get only 7, and she replies, mom 7 is also good. That’s just how I was, happy with whatever I got, so never got more from life too! But I know I’ve had if not the best, a wonderfully happy time growing up and would not different for my daughter too. And now when I tell people what a brat I was, playing pranks and making watchmen’s run all over buildings, they also think I was better off like that then in a class.
    And thanks a lot for tweeting my blog, especially as it’s from you.

  16. @Sujatha, welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. It feels more special as it’s from 1 mom to another.
    I’ve often asked my daughter how she manages to remember all her cartoon characters and which channels they come on too!
    Flawless Hindi, tell me about it. I don’t know why we are not allowed to choose and change the language. I wouldn't mind it this much if she was watching it in English.

    Once when she told me she was going to get a “gadget” made by “Doremon” for helping me do my "home-work", it struck me hard. Then I even coxed her into watching Mr. Bean and Mickey-Minnie ones but it dint work for long.

    @sriramnivas Well most moms and even dads will tell you that ALL kids indiscriminately love Maggie, and most parents too. I’m lucky as my daughter prefers the healthier option, Atta Maggie with veggies. This is one of those posts that I wrote without thinking too much, and the words also came out straight from the heart sorts, so maybe when they all say do what your heart wants, it really seems to be true.

  17. @ SuKupedia, Hi and welcome, I’m assuming you are not related to Wikipedia, and a big thank you to Chintan of course.
    As a matter of fact, she told me mom, my friends went to central mall (one of the many malls where these competitions were held), and you dint even take me anywhere! So for the past 2 Sundays, I’ve been “punished” to take her to at least 2 malls now, and I have to let her play as many games as she wants!

  18. It's adults who let kids down with their lack of imagination. And I hate contests for kids - making them feel that they are not good enough, anxious parents pushing them harder....

    Just surround her with love and see her bloom :)

  19. Hi Purba, I comepltelty agree with you, but there are times, when we question ourselves about our techniques too. Like I was told to allow her to use her imagination and let her colour the clouds pink or the water red when she was a toddler, I did so, but even now when she's 5+ she wants multicolored donkeys! So makes me wonder at times.

  20. It's so cute and funny how parents think they can decide the direction of their children's life. I haven't seen any evidence of it so far. :)

    Nice post though. Good to read.


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