Monday, November 7, 2011

Oil Parampara

The baton of hair care, in India can be summed up in one word, Oil. The tradition to oil hair has been passed along for generations, but with time variations and changes have also come.
In my grandma’s days they used to oil their hair religiously, day and night, not for a minute you could find their hair dry or not-oiled. Then my mother’s generation brought around some changes and somehow convinced their mothers to let them keep their hair washed and dry on weekends, yes since then the weekends have been special.
But while I was growing up, mom thought it best to oil my hair to school so much that my classmates used to ask me if I owned some oil refinery or something! That’s when I told my mom, henceforth I shall oil only when I don’t have school.
So from weekdays to weekends, oiling was taking a backseat, but in no ways was it going to surrender.
While growing up I often tried, after seeing on television, various oils be it  non-sticky, quick absorb formula, hot-cold oils, oils for winter oil for summers etc etc.; all new and with “Innovative” formulas.  Some could improve my hair in one night, while some more advanced one could do wonders in an hour. Though I dint believe in them, after all tell me how can the oil help if it is washed off so soon, but still, I tried them all. And somehow the oiling parampara (tradition) was upheld. Though I did know that oil did help, if left on my hair for some time, so that it penetrates and nourishes the hair and the scalp.

These days, my latest experiment, is Dove. It has launched its unique hair care range which contains Vita-oils, an ingredient found to be very effective for hair growth and hair nourishment.
Dove Vita-Oils containing products, go deep inside the hair fiber and help lock in the nourishment of oil; making hair smooth, shiny and beautiful with every wash.  This sounds like a product I had been praying for, to have something that will let me keep my hair oil-free while at the same time, not denying my hair from the benefits of oiling. 

The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range Includes: 


  1. great post

    all d best

    chk mine too hope u'll like
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  2. Oh boy dont remind me .. I have to sit and get one done every other day each time i go home to india .. but it feels gooood :)

  3. Oil myths unravelled.....good to hear people talking about 'oiling & caring' in these modern 'straightening & curling' days.....A good post, talking about hair care and family indeed.
    The 1 2 3 family tree pic is awesome


  4. Good one..the picture of three generations doing oil paramapara is nice

  5. @Geeta,thanks I had liked your post and so left a note too under your post.

    @Bikram, I love those mom-massages so much now! And everytime my daughter cribs i tell her how mch she will miss it whn she grows up...

    @Sriramnivas I guess times are changing, and i personally have always preferred home remedies rather then in-case you need a cure U know whom to ask now!
    @Magiceye and bemoneyaware thanks!

  6. Well written post,all d best
    i like the family pic :).
    Hope u like and promote my post "The Girl i loved"
    Check out sure ul like my post.

  7. Thanks Samath! wish u luck too..

  8. Hi Pooja! it's been ages i came here... irregular blogging pattern of mine.

    loved to c the pic...3 generations and a dolly in the queue :)

    Good to c the post... is there some contest?

    anyways ATB!


  9. Hi yes its definitly been a long time, was infact even wondering why I dint see your post in this category, remember your older post on hair care and your fascination with your hair, profile pic and all. But then I even noticed you never have participated in these competitions, so felt you may not be interested. Its a competition on Indiblogger, sponsored by Dove.

  10. hey pooja, wishing you luck for the contest....

    however, a little feedback, i was expecting some more after the dove paragraph....may be it should be elaborated more on how dove has helped...?

  11. Hi Chintan, re-reading it I have to agree, you are absolutely right. When I was writing the post, i felt I dint need to elongate on the Dove aspect much as I had done enough on the previous post, but now it seems I should have clubbed both of them and done it differently! Next time dont be surprised if I send my posts over to you for a nod of approval from you.

  12. Firstly the pic. one of a kind. Generations have come into it beautifully. I can only marvel at your luck on getting the pic. Really beautiful.
    Well penned.

  13. @maun, Thanks. It was more coz I had the pic I thot of submitting this post too for the indiblogger dove contest. So maybe it lacks the competitive list-al-that-u-knw kind of post.

  14. beautiful pic!!! touching... Lovely post Pooja. All the Best:)

  15. @DS, thanks so much, now i hope u can convince some1 at indiblogger to give me one of thier gifts.


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