Thursday, January 13, 2011

Visa: Rejected

Very often we (as in Indians living in India), come across people who are in awe of others residing in the US, the America. Having lived in Gujarat, where no family is without some or the other relative in the states, I've never considered getting a US visa a hurdle in my life. Maybe more so coz I never “needed” to. Needed being the key word here.

There’s this lady I’ve known for some time now, Twish, who is married in India and has her parents living in the US. Both her parents are working in different sectors, which do not give them sufficient holidays simultaneously to come to India together. Because of this Twish has not met both her parents at the same time for more than a decade now. She’s applied for visas twice, rejected on both times. She has a family here, husband who’s earning much more than some of his counterparts on the American soil are, a daughter who’s doing very well academically and in-laws and other extended family members who make life worth living in India. But still the American authorities think she is a high risk illegal immigrant who once enters their soil will not leave. I want to ask why? Why will a lady leave her house, her family and want to stay there on her own that too illegally? I don't understand them and they don't understand us. For an Indian lady her child, her husband and his family is of utmost priority.

There was this other case which I heard about through Twish only, which is the main reason that propelled me to write this post today.

Uncle is a father, actually was a father of a young vibrant 20 something girl, his only daughter, whom he had send with a heavy heart, for letting her build a brighter future to the US for her further education. He wanted her to have the best in life, achieve all her aspirations and life to the fullest. All this came to a sudden, unexpected end in an accident which took her very far away then just a few thousand miles. She passed away in a distant land, alone. Her father wanted to go to US and get her body with him, so he applied for his US visa. Uncle did not want his daughter’s body to come alone like unclaimed baggage. But he was denied, rejected, saying it was not necessary.

It may not be necessary for her, or for the visa officials, but it was for a father, who had lost his only child. This is one of the most inhumane act that I have come across by a country who pledge on a daily basis to fight for humanity, for betterment of the human race and brotherhood. All these are just words. Just a guise. 


  1. I know what u r saying .. perfectly agree with you, My father passed away and i wanted Mum to come over to live with me .. There are millions of Illegal immigrants and people who have given false notes and evidence , saying how there parents re so sick and all that ..

    In my stupidity i did not lie and told that truth the my mum shud be with me because she is not well and even a surgeon herre in Uk gave his expert medical advice but the uk authority denied the visa..

    and there are people here who dont work and are living on the dole coming of false please as asylum seekers etc and they are living jsut fine ..

    Pathetic sometimes the way these idiots work.. the immigration officers words were there are millions of women, whose husbands have passed away and they live alone ... How bad can it be

  2. I don know what they think should be done for parents whose Kids are there in US or UK. or vice-versa. Im sure they can come up with a system which can help them trace these migrants and keep a check on them.

    but as far as us Indians are concerned no ways can we let our parents live on hand-outs. But maybe its too much for them to understand as they dont share the same bonds with their families.

  3. yes they shud do something.. I am not saying my mum is hand to mouth but its not money always .. the emotional side too how is she gonna survive all alone in that big a house ..
    well anyway middle of this year i will be re applying and this time i will take a lawyers advice and if he says to lie about facts then so be it .. I will lie and bring her here ..

    if thats how it works then so be it


  4. I know in today's world honesty is not always the best policy. I know a friend, who is planning to get married to a green card holder in US, who has been advised by his lawyers to lie, they suggested not to tell the authorities that they are married, instead she applies for a Student's visa and then go there and apply for the spouse visa.

    At times, its easier and convenient to take short cuts, no longer the days of Harishchandra ji!


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