Friday, January 21, 2011

Before posting my previous post about my friends Wanni and Brian, I had shared it with some people whom I know personally, as a test, to see what kind of reactions I’ll get from others. Most of them as expected were negative, everyone told me how I could post something on these lines; some even blamed me for advocating adultery.

Again after posting it, I came across people trying to explain to me that what Wanni and Brain were doing was not ethical, it was not right for the society.

Here I understand that emotional infidelity is worse than physical infidelity and all, but at the end of it, these two adults are doing what is making them happy, at the same time not compromising on their responsibilities and social standing.

Had I mentioned that Brian and Wanni were good or best friends than this issue would not have been raised in the first place. Tell me one thing, will changing the name of the relationship change their feelings for each other.

We often find that in India, lots of girls tie “Rakhi to their male friends, feigning to be there brothers and sisters, these girls seriously believe that this ritual allows them to hang around with their guy friends too. And it does, when she says, he’s my rakhi brother; they are not “linked”.

I often ask myself, why something that makes us happy is judged on the basis of someone else’s belief of right or wrong. Why can’t we do some things in life being selfish, why has this sense of righteousness been so strongly instilled within us? And who has done it too. Whether its parents, society or extended family, it is ultimately us. It is us who have created then abided and now carried forwards these decrees of living, for better or for worse, depends on the circumstances of different individualistic situations.


  1. i loved the previous article and this one too..
    yes it is upto us what we do , and a lot depneds on circumstances ..

    but we have lost the values these days all this rakhi bhai and astuff seems to be all jsut for the sake of it ...

    and even love these days from expereince its jsut about sex and money and fun time ... people go around with each other for years and then good byes and off to other greener pastures :)


  2. Oh i so agree with you on this love fundas of today, and that is why Wanni's tale touched me so much.


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