Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revamp Your life

We all have heard about makeovers. National International brands flourishing very well still go in for make overs or brand repositioning. Take for example, Reebok, Airtel, Videocon even coke which has been around for decades now, have all gone under the designer’s knife.

Multinationals change anything from its colors, tag lines to even its logo. Why do they need to do this? Especially when they are doing well with their present image. A brand is given a make over so as to being a freshness to it, so as to keep up with the newer breed of brands.

Same ways in life there are lots of times when we need a make-over. Revampign your life means bring with it a new zest to live, a new enthusiasm. When we keep doing things on a day to day basis for years at a stretch life tends to become monotonous and mundane.

We can live life in three ways.        

First way is to walk the path that the world is walking on.  
Second, do what we think is the right thing to do. Follow your head.
Third and the last way is to live life is by doing what you enjoy doing, what makes you happy, and enjoying your interests.

To develop your interests and to cultivate them into talents is a path less traveled. In today’s fast paced lives we forget what we like, what makes us happy, we run behind things that most of the time make others happy. Who has the time to think and analyze, we all want to just get to that coveted spot number 1 in life, earn lots and prosper lots, but what about quality, what about the other things in life. Mostly the immaterialistic things in life are neglected.

How often have we seen parents missing out on routine events in a child’s life for an important meeting? The same parent later, while spending time with his grandchild will wonder and repent missing out on doing all those things with his child, when he could.

Life revamping is all about taking time out now, for yourself and going through the other paths and options to be followed in life, while maintaining the primary focus of your life. You need not quit your job, but all you might need is to cut down on the number of hours, skip one or two meetings a month, to do what you want, when you can, who knows how many birthdays are left in your account.

Some small things to help you reposition your life could be

Change your look. It could be something simle as getting a new haircut, to something more drastic like changing your style of dressing.

Change the decor of your house, of your room, your bathroom or even just your cupboard. You could simply paint the whole house into a new theme or just one wall in your room, as per your circumstnaces. It will help.

Small changes in your rotuine also help. Like taking a new road to your office, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Pursue your hobbies and interests. Do what you had always wanted to do. Paint, write, photography, travel, everything else can wait. If you are the sporty types, learn and play a sport regularly.

Build on memories revisit old friends, go thorugh the stack of old photographs, and write down what you rember about those people and things now. Who would you like to meet again, what would you like to do again, where would you like to go again?

Plan ahead the places you have always wanted to see, the things you had wanted to do, like climb the effiel tower, make practicla plans, and work towards it.

Go ahead make a new start all over again, get refreshed get rejuvenated. And  be better prepared to take on the world. 

Now as I’ve already done all this, I need a few more suggestions from your side. Leave me more ideas.


  1. hmm well said I am all for doing what you want to do .. strangely i was watching a movie WHATEVER WORKS last night.. lovely movie full of sarcasm and all but in the end the guy says
    Y do we have to be happy on a occasion or events. cause EACH DAY we are one step closer to our deaths..
    SO why dont we each day GIve Love , take love , Care and be cared .. you know LIVE LIFE.. spend each day nicely an do what we want to cause soon the days will finish and we wont have time to do anything :)


  2. HI POOJA,

  3. @Bikram, true..each day is special, but we need that extra push each time to do something special, we are all drowned with expectations and targets that we somewhere we have lost our goals.

    @Nivedita, your site shows it as it is. Has a real feel to it.

  4. Quite a motivational post! Simple and clear!


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