Thursday, November 4, 2010

TATA makes BSNL happy (at my cost)

Date: 25th October 2010

Remember my post (customer is king) mentioning my trouble with my board-band connection? Well there is another twist in the story. This week again I had problems for more then a week. But because of all the difficulty I had last time they gave me a local cell number which I can call on when a problem persists. Read when they can’t provide me with the service.

Here I was happy to have some human to talk to and not some computer. But just then, I realized every time my net doesn’t work, I call my technical help desk at least 10 times in a day – this does not include calling the toll free number. And because I am using a BSNL connection, I’m being charged by them, this goes on for more than a week.

Hence I end up paying both TATA and BSNL for a service I don’t get to use. Somewhere I am also convinced; secretly TATA must be having some share and holding in almost all telephone companies. Similarly it would make good business sense for all non-performing service providers to do the same, so as to earn more revenues!

Brilliant aren’t I? NOT AT ALL. Just bored and tiered and frustrated that I can’t do anything other than right on my system, not knowing when I will be able to post it online.

Waiting for the connection

Finally I get to put the post up!
Happy Diwali! 


  1. Oh dear, this can be very frustrating :(

    hey btw, there seems to be some problem.. where are the followers? it shows none.

  2. SUE Themmmmmmmmm :)

    what i try is call the number where they say they accept payments THAT Call they pick on the second ring .. then you ask them to tranfer u to customer services which also is picked fast because they think someone wont pay :)

    just an idea
    and if worst comes to worst ring the dept to cancel it .. :) they help tooo they dont want you to cancel

    Bikram's Question time


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