Monday, December 26, 2011

For better or for worse, Happy New Year

I know its Christmas time and the air around is filled with lots of festivities and joy, but it also translates into being busy for a stay at home mom, with my daughter having her holidays, my blog has been pushed to take a back seat. 

But heres wishing that all my readers and fellow bloggers had a very merry and cheerful  Christmas and wishing for a new year that comes with loads of love, luck, happiness and more of good things for all of you. (please leave your wishes too...need them lots and lots!) May it being with it the gifts of joy, goodness, passion, humanity and empathy for all of us. 

Though we all know about the prophecies related to year 2012, we shall all welcome the year with grand celebrations as always, that is what HOPE is all about, such is life. LIVE ON.

The End of the Mayan Calendar is scheduled for December 21, 2012 (give or take a year). The possibilities of what this “end” might mean is an increasingly hot topic on the Internet, in conferences, printed articles, and in discussions all over the globe.  This is because it just might be an incredibly important moment in history -- e.g., the end of history!

For more information on the year 2012 and 2012 prophecies read this article: 2012 Prophecies This powerful article explains everything about the year 2012 and how it relates to the Mayan Calendar. It explains various 2012 prophecies and the significance of the year 2012.

You may also enjoy the article "2012 Problem" by Ralph Miller. It is more of a shamanic view of the year 2012 and the 2012 prophecies. It combines the ancient wisdom of the sacred plant "ayahuasca". You can read this fascinating article on the year 2012 here: 2012 Problem

I also read here ( It says, Every significant Internet provider around the globe is currently in talks with access and content providers to transform the internet into a television-like medium: no more freedom, you pay for a small commercial package of sites you can visit and you'll have to pay for seperate subscriptions for every site that's not in the package.) now this worries me. But looking at the blog, I would rather like to believe that the author has made such remarks to garner more publicity for himself than anything else. Still got my fingers crossed.

How can we forget when how we welcomed the year 2000, even then  the world was going to come to an end, gadgets, phones, machines were not meant to work in the 2000 format, knowing all this we partied harder, so for better or for worse, Happy New Year! 


  1. New year wishes you, to the little one and family :) I may go on a break too....Will be back next year!

  2. My son got obsessed with the Mayan calendar and 2012 end of world theories for some time.. Time to prove him he is wrong.

  3. @Chintan, wish u and your dear and loved ones also a very happy new year in advance, will be waiting for you to get back. Enjoy.

    @Farida, I know, even I was for some time, but soon realized all these theories and predictions are a taking away from what I have in the present.

  4. Happy new year to you and family and everyone around you..

    Have a great year
    I doubt if world will end in 2012 TAKE MY WORD FOR IT .. 31dec 2012 we will be wishing each other another happy new year .. you bet ..

    Take care ..


  5. lol ya ofcourse the Y2K bug how can one forget that :D :D :D

    wish you a very very happy new year :) :)

  6. Wishing you a happy new year 2012 till Dec 21, 2012 ;) Thanks for those links, I am off to explore more on the Mayan calender and other such prophesies. Has Nostradamus not predicted anything on this all important topic?

  7. @Bikramjit, I'm sure too..but then lets take it as an excuse for living more till 20-12-2012, its a funny incident that my wedding date is also on these lines, 20-05-2005, the world definitely changed for me, if not ended! So not worried at all.
    Hope this new year beings more happiness and peace in your life.

  8. @SuKupedia yes, the great Y2k bug, but seems its struck me now, you wont believe it but, my laptops not working, nor is my PC at home, and to add to my wounds even my cell phone is not letting me access the this the Mayan wrath on me?? Hope not...till then enjoy your new year, new aspirations and new dreams, may you get all that you sought for this year.

  9. @Exciting Songs, hi, and welcome to my blog.
    Nosturdamus is old, Mayan is not relevant, still if you are interested, heres a link
    But I suggest do not explore anything, ignorance is bliss, so just enjoy the time that we have, live life to its fullest!
    Some more that I liked..

  10. when we faced y2k problem, we had similar concerns, but we did party harder then! This too shall pass on! I do believe in mayan civilization and their calendar! But, the world will not end in 2012...however, lets have a fun filled life as always!

  11. what may come let it come
    aanewala pal janewala hai
    happy new year

  12. Vaish, Ya the Mayan thing is interesting, especially after reading Dan Brown books, but I'm not so well versed with it, will come to your blog and check out more.

    Bikramjit, Yiippeee...this is my 1st! Thank you so much.

    SM, Ya, as it is, we can not do much to stop or even alter the future. Enjoy what we have today.

  13. Good post !! I believe you should be blogging more and more !

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amit. I know I'm not so regular....trying very hard. Thanks to all my fellow readers and bloggers for being with me even when I'm not able to be as regular as I would like to be.


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