Friday, December 16, 2011


With many crusaded dreams,
Painful cherished moments
Cruelly crushed creatures,
Live life to your fullest
We are often told.

Close my eyes see stars,
Even with open eyes, see stars,
Darkness makes them black,
Man makes them blue.

How does one live, love or forgive
What never is what you want
You get only what you deserve
What you are destined, fated
But who knows, who decides?

Child like pleasures,
Man like passion
Woman like misery
No you don’t know it,
No you don’t care.
That’s how I shall keep.

That's how I shall try to


  1. Beautiful pooja, i love the title..!
    Wat the hell, i loved all of it..!!

  2. Thanks one life, though I'd written this on a blue day, but re-reading it I saw it in a different light and so posted it.

  3. Hmmm beautiful poem .. sad but good use of words .. I always beleive that one shud always live their own life .. good or bad the END will tell..


  4. Bikram, its true, but not applicable in everyone's life.
    When we're living with others, someone has to let go. Like in a car, we have 4 wheels, but its the steering wheel which decides the direction, same in life.
    Ya, sad words, was feeling sad too, but alls well now. Guess happens to everyone.

  5. Life poses so many questions,and the answers to those questions result in more questions.!

    Enjoyed reading.

  6. Totally agree with that too, but then that is not giving up that is trying to do what others like and hopefully others will do the same for you too.

    Also one shud try to take out time, and do something what one likes if not everyday then maybe once in a while :)

    Oh yes happens to everyone thats life i guess .. give and take .. You take care and Keep smiling ..


  7. @Gyanban, life posses different questions but gives us the same choices. We have to choose between us n our loved ones happiness most of the times.
    We feel life is about our decisions, our choices, but life is always about what we have been offered, only from that we can choose. Its never us, its Him, some people call him God. I say its all fate, no justification, no logic.

  8. @Bikram, I'm perfectly fine. Only when you are cured can you talk abt yr pains.
    Thank you so much for your concern. :-)

  9. Beautiful writing :)
    You have a lovely blog!

    Thank You so much for your wishes :) Hope to see you again!

  10. Hi, ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ and welcome to my blog..hope you had a good bday!
    Thank you so much for your appreciation.

  11. That makes such a fantastic many mysteries to solve,so many unanswered questions....such is life!

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  12. We all exist...very few of us live...and when we realize the profound truth, it's too late.

  13. Wow..very nicely put Purba...m sharing this up as my FB status.


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