Thursday, September 15, 2011

Indian Driving Rules.

Rule #1
Valid license a must for drivers.

Indian interpretation
You are allowed to drive as soon as you are 18, and allowed to learn, on the roads and .around the city, as soon as your legs reach the accelerator.
The sooner the better.

Rule #2
Follow the traffic rules, signs and signals at all times.

In India
We don't learn about the traffic rules, signals or for that matter, most of the times we don't even have time to see the signs or lights. There’s so much more on the road to feast my eyes on, and I’m such a perfect driver, always watching the roads, what do I need traffic rules or signals for?

Rule #3
Always overtake from the driver’s side of the vehicle you intend to overtake.

In India
If I have to overtake why do I need to take sides? Once I overtake him, he will know it, as it is he’s driving so slowly!

Rule #4
While entering a round-about, the rights to the road are always of the vehicle on your right, left incase of left-hand side drive. Let vehicles already in the circle exit first.

Indian Methodology
When I’m paying equal amount of taxes, how can his right to the roads be more than mine? Why should I let anyone else go before me, when their driving skills are not even half as good as me?

Rule #5
Always use your indicators while changing lanes or turning your vehicle.

In India
In most of the cases, we don't indicate, and even if we do, we have our hands and feet at our disposal! It is so easy to use one’s hand and indicate instead of switching on-off my indicators.
Though, I don't know why I need to indicate my direction, when in a moment they shall know where my car is headed.
Rule #6
Rear view mirrors and side view mirrors help you drive more safely. Use them at all times.

Indian version
In India, the roads are so full that there is no space for side view mirrors, most of the times, they are either removed or kept shut.
And for the rear view mirror, why do I need to look at the vehicle behind me, when I can hear him honking on my head?

Rule #7
A car has to be parked as per the parking lines in order to save space and not hinder traffic.

Parking in India
As it is, it is so difficult to get a parking space and if I go about being thoughtful about others, where will I park? I should get a parking space closest to my destination (In India it can rain any moment, so being I’m prepared), and my parking should also offer me the easiest exit route. So always leave at the least ½ a car’s gap behind and in front of your car!

But there is one common “unsaid rule”, which we witness all over the globe. A mentality, that all females are “bad drivers”. So when a man sees a women driving he will go fast and over take her, show her who’s the boss hoot some more louder and stare at her like she’s from the moon. But being a female, this is still my favorite one; I use it to my advantage.
I take it like, as I’m a female driver, I’m bad, so please excuse me, and let me go, at my own pace in my own fashion.

Happy driving.



  1. hey,this post will give atleast few people a thought of better riding and reduce atleast one accident.hope so.....

  2. 18 you say i was driving when i was 13 or 14 .. had a license made from Guhati .. never visited the place also ..

    But so very true on the Indian Version :)


  3. @Kranthi, hopefully but it could also have a reverse effect!
    @Bikramjit, wow, I'm sure you dint mention this on your CV, while applying for the Police!

  4. :D hahaha :D
    i could have revealed how i got my driving license but i will not, lokpal can be passed any day now :D

  5. Hello Pooja,

    Came upon your blog through sahana's blog, good job. Loved this post, hilarious...will come back when you post something new...

  6. Hi Chintan, Im sure most of us hav used the same technique as yours. Dont worry. About Lokpal bill its a long way away.
    @ AAA, Hi and welcome. Its always a nice feeling to see a new bloggers comment on one's post.

  7. Hi pooja, thanks for the welcome, you can call me Anjali... :-)

  8. Ha ha ha :) I love this post. But seriously speaking you are right. It is so every where....

  9. Anjali you are welcome.
    Anamika, welcome and thanks for being so kind with ur words.

  10. Nice post. You have cutely put forth humourous but bitter truths.

    ps: And while we are at it, I mean the commenting business, would you please make available some options other than the Google account too? Or does Google own the roads to your blog

  11. Enjoyed your post, nice and light. Reminds me of a song I heard somewhere by Mikka called Gaddi Moudange!!(no I am not being paid for promoting Mika :D)

  12. @ USP, thanks for stopping my and leaving your comments.
    @ Nitin Jain, thanks for the kind words, I havnt heard the song but will defntly look for it now that you've mentioned, and not many would promote Mika even if they are paid!

  13. nice flow...and most was funny!!!!:-)

  14. hahahahaha BANG ON post! Epic know the Indian driver's soul tooo well!


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