Monday, September 12, 2011

Ganpatti Bappa shall not help

No No please don't misunderstand me. I am also an avid believer and follower of Lord Ganesha. And we also keep Ganeshji at our house for 10 days. But every year when I witness Ganeshji being immersed in water with all the fanfare and singing and dancing, I wonder why we do this? I’m sure there is a logical mythological tale behind all this too just as almost all our Indian traditions do have. But what if Ganeshji takes offence and is hurt by all this annual tradition of ours? Then what? One scenario could be like this.

Once there were some people drowning in the middle of some sea or river, they were all praying to their respective Gods and Goddess.

A Christian family called upon Jesus to help them, Jesus came and rescued them instantly.

Next a Muslim couple was helped by Allah. They reached shore safely.

The Sikhs gurus came to the rescue of their fellow Sikhs.

Cutting a long story short, at the end of it only a Maharashtrian family was stuck on the ship. Everyone could see that Ganeshji was jumping up and down, but on closer inspection they realized that Ganeshji was happily dancing and signing and not trying to help his worshippers.
Someone asked him what was the reason behind all this, he very innocently replied, every year this is the same that they do to me, how was I supposed to know they will not like it!

So moral of the story is, incase you are stuck in the sea or river, never pray to Lord Ganesha!

GanpattiBappa Morya!
Mangal Murti Morya!


  1. Very different perspective..Interesting

  2. YEah there has to be a reason but the damage we are doing ot our environment .. I am sure No god wants that toooo...


  3. @bemoneyaware, Hi and welcome to my page, nice name U have there, I must say.
    @BIkramjit, these days lots of people are moving towards using eco-friendly Ganeshjis, but yes, there is much much more that we can do.


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