Friday, September 9, 2011

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away, but...

My dad v/s my grandpa
Year 1955
Subject: Radio

Dad: Pappa, there’s a new thing shaped like a box, and it talks to you. There are people inside who will talk to you and will also sing for you. You will not have to go to the chowk (meeting place in small towns and villages.) and ask your friends about things happening around you.
Grandpa: Are you mad! How can someone talk to you from a small box? How will the box know what is happening in our village? Don't waste my time.

Dad v/s Grandpa
Year 1970
Subject: Telephone

Dad: But why not? If we get this instrument, we can talk to you sister who lives all the way in Haridwaar. It will be so nice. Mom can phone and ask her friends what time they have to go to the temple instead of making me run to their house all this time! 

Grandpa: What you are talking about is not practical. It’s a joke. How can a person talk to someone who is miles and miles away from here? It’s a scam. Not possible at all. Don't waster your time and my money on such non-sense things.

Me v/s Dad
Year 1990
Subject Computer                                 

Me: But why not? Everyone at school is using it and I am the only who doesn’t have it. You know we can play games on it, mom can save her recipes in it and  you can do your accounts and calculations in that same machine. Its like having a Robot! It will surely make life very easy for all of us! 

Dad: Why would I want to use such a big machine to do calculation which I can do easily on my calculator? It does not make any sense! And mom is also happy using paper to save her recipes why buy a computer? Money does not grow on tress, learn to value it!


Me V/s Dad
Year 2000
Subject Mobile

Me: But dad, I have to have it! I can’t go to college without it. All my friends have one and so I also want one anyhow.
Dad: But why? We have a telephone at home, you can use it when you need to, and I don’t understand why would you and your friends want a phone with you during college?
Me: With a mobile I can even text my friends and tell them what I have to say to them.
Dad: Why would you want to text your friends when you can talk to them? Your generation does not value money. Wait till you have to earn it yourself!

Son v/s me
Year 2011
Subject Samsung Galaxy 750

Son: But ma you don't understand, it’s the latest, fastest and the sleekest so far.
Mom: That’s what you said when we were buying your mobile last time, you said it works faster than my computer.

Son: Not this time, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is not only the  sleekest and fastest, but it’s a breakthrough in all technological aspects. Trust me. From  work to entertainment, from social sites to school projects, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 can handle it all. No more waiting for pages to load and games to start, with the NVIDIA tegra 2 Dual core processor I can instantly load games, project files, images all in an instant! 

Mom: But you have a laptop for all these same reasons! What’s the need to buy a tablet?

Son: Ma, once you see this video you will realize what’s so special about this tablet.
Mom its,  

  • Lighter than your compact powder
  • Faster than the fastest Bugatti
  • As sturdy as The Rock
  • As Reliable as Rahul Dravid
  • As stunningly beautiful as Katrina Kaif (Oppss I forgot you like Aiswarya Rai better)

  • All in all, it’s the best in the world of tablets, and we have to have it too! 

  • Mom you always say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if I have the galaxy tablet, it will keep everything and everyone at the tips of my fingers.

     Son v/s me
    Year 2025
    Subject waiting for a new demand
    He is still stuck like glue to his Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

    Son v/s me
    Year 2040
    Unbelievable even after so many new gadgets have been launched, he feels he has an upper hand over his peers with his galaxy tablet.


    1. good luck for the competition :)

    2. Hi Pooja,This is my first time here.Nice work with loads of creativity.All the Best and Good Luck 2.

    3. :) madem e laugh and brought the memory when i was trying to convince my dad to buy a computer :)

      so much has changed over time .. SO muchhhhhhhhh

      The expression on my mums face when she saw me on a Webcam , me in uk she in india .. as they say PRICELESS


    4. ha ha ha.. Love your post.. Creative at its best.. Wish you all the best for the contest.. Here is My Life

      Someone is Special

    5. @Chintan, welcome and thank you for voting for me, incidentally yours was the 1st Vote. Thanks.

      @BonAppetit, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words.

      @Bikramjit, I agree so much with you. This post is for the Samsung Competition on Indiblogger.

      @someone is special, Thank you, you are being very kind.

    6. Great one..It's hilarious..There was a time when people used to say "Mere paas ma hain" but now it has boiled down to having latest gizmo. Best of Luck for contest

    7. Your blog name is great..reminded me of my Shakspear and design is cool too.

    8. @Bemonyeaware, now a days kids say, you keep mom, I'll manage with the rest~ Thanks for the encouraging words.

    9. Hi Pooja. First of all thanks for following my blog This is my first time on your blog but I think I am gonna stay for a while. This post is hilarious. I love your creative thinking. I am sure my daughter just 2 now, is also gonna demand these uber cool gadgets, soon. Better be prepared.

    10. Hi and Welcome to my blog Swapna. Thanks for stopping by. Though the sad part is, more often these days, I see a race amongst parents wanting their kids to flaunt the latest gadgets. Take for example school admissions, parents want their kids to be in the most expensive school rather then the most appropriate one. Its a sad trend, hopefully it will fade away soon.


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