Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crazy Cricket Craziness

So finally we’ve won the world cup, what an honor what craziness what not!
Here first let me tell you I love cricket, and enjoyed the match as much as anyone.

And my heartiest congratulations to one and all!

But how do we celebrate? And how do we take the victory or the failure makes the man a winner.

Yesterday, as in most parts of the world, not just India, but also in the US, in Canada and the Arab countries, our national flag was all over the place.

People were seen holding, waving and prancing all over the roads with the flag, isn’t this some kind of disrespect to the flag?

Our national anthem, for which we are supposed to stand up and show respect, was the favorite song to be danced on, be it in the streets or from car speakers.

Mad and crazy things happened on the streets, lots of people with kids and wives were harassed and troubled, because a majority of the public was “HAPPY”.

The streets were jammed, people were jumping out of cars in the middle of the roads and dancing, singing and abusing, I can understand the dancing and singing part, but why abuse? Blowing your car horns, trumpets and dholl (drums), it was all happening and adding up to the noise decibel.

Even before the match, we called them Ravans, and spread the word about “Lanka Dhavan” (Burn Lanka), is that the way we Indians treat our “Atithis” (Guests)?

We were the world cup finale’s hosts; I feel we could have shown some poise some dignity.

On my way back from a friends place after witnessing the awesome moment, I saw some rather shocking things, things I dint think should happen, weather here or elsewhere. And these incidents wiped off some of the enthusiasm off the feeling of winning the world cup.
Just that we were stuck in the traffic and took more than 90 minutes for a 10 minute drive was not enough.

There was a couple with a small child in the car who was terrorized by all this shenanigans. A man happened to jump upon their car! He may not have found enough space on the roads.

People throwing holi color with water and beer was also a very common sight, did we get free alcohol with the world cup too that I was not aware of?

Fire crackers were another nuisance. I can understand bursting crackers, but this was more like bursting the whole fire-cracker factory! My next door neighbor has delivered a baby the recently she just got home yesterday morning; I was more worried about the child than anything else.

You shall also see lots of people saying, “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”, I want to ask weren’t you proud to be an Indian, sans the world cup? Is being an Indian, only limited to winning the world cup?


  1. True Pooja. In the name of celebration some people were just behaving llike maniacs. Looked like they were more happy that they could do such silly activities and not that they were genuinely pleased about India's victory aftr 28 years.

  2. YES WE WOnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    I had a funtime in the pub.. then came home ot burn some crackers and everyone was so happy ...

    lots of hugs with everyone stranger or no stranger .. It was perfect Everyone HAPPY

    Well done to Team India


  3. Complex thoughts indeed.

    Moments like this send people into a frenzy - usually forgetting to respect the privacy of others.

  4. YA, we won, but thats it, it was a game, we played well, then why the havoc?

  5. Truly happy moment it was!It will always be cherished

  6. @Jaidev Haters? Whom are you talking about?
    @Jyoti, ya will be cherished as one of the most historic moment of our lives!

  7. This was a win whic threw everyone in to a celebratory frenzy. True that some people went overboard, but blaming everybody in general is not the correct way. In my opinion, strikes called out by all and sundry, rowdy marriage parties, political rallies etc. should be frowned upon, not these once in alifetime kind of moments. How long did it last anyway? 3-4 hours max after 10 in night ?

  8. Hi Jaidev, ya maybe you are right, there are more things to be frowned upon, and no i did not generalize all Indians, I was suggesting people should not loose control and be more considerate towards others.
    But then I think it actually depends on what side of the fence I'm sitting on, had I been a decade younger I also would have joined them in the hullabaloo!

  9. This is India, my dear. Here everything goes in the name of celebrations. I had migraine for a whole week because of all the celebrations of the quarter, semi and the finals of the WC when I couldn't sleep and the noise kept my head banging. I was happy, am happy, but as you say, is our joy limited only to cricket victories?

  10. I'm not much of a cricket fan - although I'm happy we won the coveted up. But I'm with you on this one. It seems that the only thing that can get a reaction out of Indians these days is cricket.

  11. "You shall also see lots of people saying, “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”, I want to ask weren’t you proud to be an Indian, sans the world cup? Is being an Indian, only limited to winning the world cup?"
    ^^^ right to the last letter

    but I wud say he/she was always proud to be an Indian the moment[cup] brought it out .


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