Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lessons in Life

In life we often fear to be misunderstood, we worry about how we will be perceived by others, these others could be people whom we care about, or don't care about, but still they matter.

Recently I heard an anecdote; it is about a father and son, who are traveling with a pony, from one village to another.

When they began their journey, both of them were ridding together on the pony. A while later, some passer-bys commented how cruel they were, two healthy men ridding on one small pony, hearing this, the father got off the pony and started walking while he let his son ride on.

Then they came across some other travelers, seeing the son ridding alone on the pony and his father walking they commented on how the generation is shameless and all, hearing this, the son got down and made his father sit on the horse.

A little further down the route, someone called the father heartless and uncaring, who was himself ridding comfortably on the pony but making his son walk in the heat! Listening to this, the father also started walking with his son.

Now, seeing the two men walking with the pony by their sides, people started calling them foolish and stupid~ why walk when you can ride on it, they asked. And started laughing, not knowing that is where they had started with.

In life, we often want to do things that are not approved of by others, irrespective of the fact whether those same people matter to us or not in life. If they are important in our lives and love us truly, they will agree with our methods and thoughts, and incase they don't, we should not let them bother or influence us, but we do, and by doing it, we hurt ourselves only.
I don't know what is right what is wrong, but I think we should try and do what we want, how we want, as long as our actions and decisions don't hurt others and make us happy it cant be wrong. Rest I don't know.


  1. full marks for the last paragraph. I too believe there are no rights and no wrongs. As far as you have got half decent heart, You will do no wrong.

    Rights and wrongs are generally notions created by a powerful person or group of people who has ability to convince others.

    I always do what my heart says. Sometimes i even do such things that my mind stops me doing labeling it as wrong. {and generally I enjoy that :).}

    Last thing others' actions cant hurt u and vice a versa. If you have again that Half decent heart and superior will.

    Waiting for your initiation in writing a blog together. :D

  2. Hello and welcome. Thanks for the full marks sir ;)!

  3. Life is what we make of it, and we can make it worth living by doing what we want and not by hurting sentiments! Loved your post Pooja! :)

  4. its a common thing among the humans...."WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK"...(LOAG KYA KAHENGE)...
    and the basic reason behind all these we do unwillingly most of the time....

    no doubt one should follow his own heart n mind unless it hearts as long as it does not hurt others.... but seems quite difficult to go against the stream....

    BTW a well written post.....

    Bets wishes,

  5. @Sourav, thanks, many a times, others want what we don't want, and then the dilemma starts.

    @Irfanuddin and Shri Ram Ayyangar welcome and thanks.

  6. this post reminded me of long forgotten story my mom used to tell me when i was a kid, thanks for reminding me the same, we do things which are generally acceptable to society, once a while its good to stretch your mind & do the fantasy we always wanted to do or live the life we wanted to, probably we should think less what other people think of us, rather think more of our happiness, our implying family & friends !

  7. Exactly .. I always say that we learn from our experience.. so follow the heart one shud TRY what they want at least with all hard work and heart .. win or loose is immaterial .. but at least we know we have tried .. and thats what matters the most ..
    what others say well I have never given a damn about that WHO CARES.. If i succeed the same people will be singing my name and if i lose the same will say told you so ..

    So i seldom care what they say ...


  8. Pooja, I have a post along these liines called 'log kya kahengey?' try and have a read if you find time.

    You are soooo right. One must do what they feel is right without hurting others. Good read. I wil come back here for more.

    Always Happy

  9. @Always Happy, defntly will read it, I love the way you look at things, happily, your Hinglish way of expressing and everything is a nice approach.



  11. It is sad that in our quest to please others we often neglect our needs and desires.

  12. It is sad, almost all the time u r consumed by what people think of you and the people dont give a rat's ass so why bother about them


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