Monday, April 4, 2011

Tathastu, God Bless.

You are the spark that ignites
The life for me
Otherwise it’s just spurts of
Air in and out of me
You make life worthy of being
More than love to be seen
Is to be felt

There are spasms that happen
Here and there, not too often
Of missing and seeing you
But the presence makes up for moments lost.

I would like to have more of you

More of you than life itself,
More here than there
More with me than without me

No, I’m not complaining
Just aspiring for more
Hopeful for a Tathasthu! (Wish Granted)

Knowing you are loved is not enough
Feeling the love is what matters.



  1. Have been here Pooja..well written hope Thathasthu happens soon :) all the best...have kept my fingers crossed for care

  2. I am sure it will .. very soon Take care and God bless :)


  3. pooja,

    Very touching. I enjoyed it

    prasanna raghavan (India Blooming)

    NB. please can't you add more comment options. Now comment can be made only from google account:)

  4. @Bikram, thanks a lot.
    @MKERALAM, welcome to my blog, and thanks for the encouraging words. Trying to see what I can do about the comment option. Not too tech savvy U see.

  5. I loved the way u hv written these thoughts.. I can connect myself with it..

  6. Hi Jyoti, glad to know that.

  7. Beautifully crafted lines!!!
    Feeling the love is what matter- SO TRUE!!
    Keep up the word work!

  8. nice post...hope your wish is granted...:-)

  9. Hello, Red Handed and SUB, and welcome to my post, thank you so much for the kind words.

  10. :) I smiled through the read..
    Love is a crazy bitch.. hehe
    good luck btw


  11. Nice written. Am such a novice on this subject, can't write anything much here :)

  12. Poetry from the heart, I would say. Enjoyed reading.

  13. Knowing you are loved is not enough
    Feeling the love is what matters.

    These two lines made the day for me..

  14. tathaastu pooja. Do not forget to update us when tathaastu occurs.


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