Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Different Diwali

Diwali – a festival of lights, of crackers and sweets, of parties and merriment.
Light in Diwali denotes spreading of knowledge, friendship brotherhood and lots of love and peace. But in reality we end up doing just the opposite.

We welcome Diwali by cleaning our houses and then decorating it up with fancy electric lights, which consume more power then what some people have access’s to in an entire year.

We light diya’s and candles to seek blessing from Goddess Durga and Saraswati, but we forget that in doing so we are causing harm to Goddess Earth, “Dharti mata”. We use so much fuel in lighting diya’s in the celebration of this 5 day festival that we forget that some of our brothers need this same fuel to cook food.

We burst crackers, each trying to be louder and brighter than the other, but at the cost of our environment, air and noise. Ask a dog lover how much his pet is affected by all the noise created by these festivities. Ask a mother of a new born, how she managed to make her baby sleep that night.

We cook loads and loads of sweets and delicacies also offer them to all those who come to our house, but forget to share it with the needy. 

We always want to show people how much better we are than the rest, but we forget to share our good fortune with the lesser ones.
Remember every time you feel better or more fortunate then someone else, give the extra something away, you will feel more superior.

We often say, dhan is Laxhmi, but to make Dhan into Laxhmi, you have to give it away. Try it, and feel the difference.


  1. very true..there is more joy in giving!

  2. Pooja, we share our views on this!

    Truely, it feels good when u give something to the needy.

    But don't u think, you can replace the word "superior" above with something else?



  3. @Reema thnks dear.
    @Sensitive heart, with the word superior i was tryin to sound cynical and sarcastic. cause in our society the character of a person is more or less based on the size of his bank balance and thus they are made to feel "SUPERIOR", even if the person is a complete jerk.


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