Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet and Sour

Ever noticed a sugarcane juice vendor more commonly known as Ganne Ka Ras wala in most parts of India? He keeps squeezing the sugarcane until its well past the limits to get optimum juice out of it, knowing very well his product will be sweet or to the most a bit tasteless.
But at the same time, a lemon juice vendor (our nimbu pani wala), never will do anything like that, he gives the lemon a requisite squeeze and then throws the lemon in the bin.

Even if he tried to squeeze the lemon further, in an attempt to get more juice, he will only get sour or bitter juice. And hence spoiling what he already has.

Physically sugarcane is much bigger and stronger than a lemon, but because sugarcane is a “sweet” fruit, it is taken for granted; it is always expected to deliver sweetness. But the lemon whose properties we all are aware of is never expected to give sweetness, same is with life. We only need to portray our real properties to the world around us, people and circumstances will follow accordingly.

Most of the times, we do things so as to make others happy, to make them say such nice things about us, we are scared of being tagged negatively, of being called arrogant, ill-tempered or any other such name so we fall in line and do as we are told. We need to let the other person know how much we’d be willing to give in to him/her, to a relationship or to a circumstance and the rest shall follow.

I’m not saying we should be sour and bitter at all times, though there is nothing wrong with it, as there are countless recopies which need the lemon’s sourness, but we could all try to be like a sweet lime. A bit sweet normally but if pushed – squeezed more, give way to some bitterness too.

Life is all about balance, but by the time we learn this balance, we realize we have reached the end of the rope.


  1. Darn, it is so true! The balancing act is harsh and life takes no time to quit on us...

    Pooja my love you write so well....*hugs*

  2. Chintan, I love how you write, how much you write and all that you write, so coming from you this is a very HUGE compliment for me! Thank you so much!

  3. Pooja it is like you have hit the nail on its head. I feel the sweeter I am to certain people the more they try to "squeeze" out of me. I have not yet given them lemons but maybe I should. Just a thought ;)

  4. Ya Swapna, its true, initially people will judge you and tag you, but later I've realized it just fades away. They accept you the way you are, so be how you want to be.

  5. I had noticed how the sugarcane is squeezed till the last point and the lemon isn't.. but i never thought of it this way.. i guess thats creative thinking.. well done..

  6. Hi Pankaj, thanks a lot, but I dont think I'm creative at all. Its just that at times, you see something and its just clicks.

  7. Awesome post !!
    Good observation and field work, Lol..

    i have only tasted it, a different look of yours :)

    keep contributing pooja...

    Deepak karthik

  8. Thanks Deepak. Field work? More like you just stumble across these kind of things in life.

  9. Great post. Never thought of life this way.

  10. May you eat more, and next time you can write about golgappa's!
    Real awesome observation and rally neat work with the writing. Kepp up the good writing.

  11. @Jaidev, thanks.
    @Nikhil, I love golgappas,but they are not so controversial just universal! Thanks for leaving your kind comments.

  12. sugarcane & lemon example - perfect. that really is how it is, isn't it! you've observed & related it well to life

  13. Well, Pooja, the flip side of this is that the sugarcane is comparatively dry whereas the lemon is very juicy hence their respective fates. The moral of the story is that if you are too nice people will hang on to you and waste a lot of your time, but if you are dry and boring people will leave you alone and you can get on with your work! :)

  14. :)
    thanks i needed the lesson
    loved the way u get so much on life frm the most ordinary thngs....


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