Thursday, October 27, 2011

Qvendo re-discovered

This is my second virtual shopping tour of the Qvendo store. Know more about my first visit here. Yes, I’m hooked and booked to this fantasy shopping, instead of the tiring window shopping, I’m glued to virtual shopping, not to mention that there’s a silver lining of being able to win the prize attached to it at the same time. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve been given Rs.75,000 to use at Qvendo’s Online Shop to win the same amount if selected in the top 3.

But I guess even otherwise, virtual shopping is much easier on our legs as compared to window shopping. It is even softer on one’s pocket. As for me, I’m loving it! Here’s my take ONE (cause how can I not have more than one option!) on how I would dress up if given the 50k to shop from Qvendo, would love to hear yours. You can also participate by joining Qvendo. Mind you, this is a by invitation site. So better catch the deals as soon as you can before your neighbor gets it, here I would also like to mention that some sales and deals are only available for a limited time, around 5-10days, especially the hot items. So don’t waste time instead grab whatever fancies you ASAP.

TO start with I’ve always wanted a nice little black dress, something that is considered a must in a female’s wardrobe. But as I don’t wear sleeveless dresses, the LBD always eluded my collection. But here on Qvendo, I’ve come across the perfect one.
It’s a Calvin Klein silk knee length dress, in a natural black colour, with very precise detailing and appropriate cuts in the right places to give me a very classic look. Its cut and style is such that minimum accessories will do the job perfectly. But then how will I use up my remaining amount of Rs. 35,300(50,000-14,700). So let’s continue.

For a clutch I shortlisted two options, as I was getting great deals, I could indulge myself! I opted for the pink one so as to add some extra colour and bling to the outfit, a perfect accompaniment in case I’m
wearing my dress in the day time. But if I was to wear for a night out, I’d rather carry the gold clutch with pink detailing.
The pink clutch is from Flip-flop and is available for Rs. 2,800 while the Golden one, also a Flipflop product, is priced at Rs. 1,400. Surprised? Even I was, but then that’s how it is at Qvendo, new and better deals everyday.

I still have lots more shopping to be done, with around 31thousand still at my disposal! Yippeeeee! So let’s hit the love leather section and see what we can get our hands on. I had to get something in black and maybe will even pick a golden with Pink to go with my clutches, let’s see if I get lucky!

My first obvious choice was the black Chloe Strap peeptoe for Rs.14,900 which originally was for Rs.27,900!

While my second option was this Schumacher strap sandal in beige and coral colours worth Rs.8,900 which was originally tagged for Rs. 24,700!

Ive also selected this brown D&G glares, worth Rs. 7,900 for they have this unique shape which go well on almost all face cuts.
My next select was a Grey Lawrence Belt worth Rs. 2,900 which you’ll have to pay Rs. 5,200 in case you don’t buy from Qvendo.

Opps when I started my tour, I was under the impression that how would I be able to spend so much on one site, but now looking back I think I need more, are you listening to me Qvendo? Here I’ve just managed to shop for myself, need to buy some for Hubby and baby too. Please give me one more go! And then there’s Diwali also around the corner, I was thinking if I could get some gifts for friends and family too.

So I think I’ll take a tour no. 3 all over again at Qvendo’s! Till then Happy Shopping!
Incase you have not yet registered with Qvendo here’s your chance to do it again! Mind you these memberships are by invitation only, and that too this link shall take you to be a VIP member, so don’t waste time! Discover Qvendo

Oh before you get on your own shopping tour, dont forget to leave your footprints here in form of some comments! 

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  1. I love the clutch and the shades ;)

    All the best for the competition...;)

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