Friday, August 5, 2011

Free Association Writing?

I read about a writing technique called free association, it’s sometimes used by writers, (some non-writers also like me) to help them write their thoughts out; it need not be grammatically correct or intellectually right. Authors or writers are said to use this technique to help them draw out their session plans. Or would it be called chapter plans here?

Well reading about it, I thought why not I try it, cause its been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog, and though there’s sooooo much to write about I just dint know where to start from or rather what to start with. I shall refrain from calling it a writers block, as I don't feel I fall in the writer’s criteria in the first place.

So here’s my 1st attempt at free style writing. (Later I noticed I’ve always indulged in this style even when I dint know about this technique too.)

Its 9am in the morning, (ever heard of 9am in the evening?) and after reading the newspaper, which has less news and more advertisements, though I’d like to confess here, that advertisements are all that I read in the newspapers here. Actually, at home, we get only Hindi dailies. And these Hindi newspapers advertise mostly in English. Looking at the paper I wanted to grab my husband’s wallet and go more for free association shopping rather then writing, but then as the 1st option was not practical I opted for the 2nd one.

But what to write about, the weather? The day and time? I don't know what to start with, again I don't know how to write? I guess this exercise, which seemed very easy on reading about it, requires more patience, more discipline which I certainly lack.
When we want to screen out our thoughts and focus within our core or soul or whatever it is, we somehow cant, I guess that is what they mean when they say it comes from within.

So waiting again for words to come out from within.

Till then am enjoying your write ups my fellow bloggers! (I’d read some where, the more you read the more you will think; and the more you think you shall know and learn; and if I know more I will either talk more or write more!!)

I also am thinking if I’ve got lazy, you know it’s more fun to just read and comment rather than think and write. I don't know maybe it says something about my personality, maybe about me. Does it happen with you too? If it’s a temporary phase I’ll like it but as time flies by I’m even worried, when will I get over it, over my laziness and start writing and putting forth my views again. But then again, is this new post a sign? Does this bring an end to my hibernation from writing?

My fingers are crossed.


  1. :) I am sure you will get out of this ... and writing soon .. I have no idea about the techniques ..

    and good way to learn to read others , I do that a lot and one can pick up ideas or sometimes you have such a big comment to write that it becomes a post in itslef :)

    You take care and See you sooon :)


  2. I have always found that to be true, I and I'm sure most of us, like to comment and opine more then have start a conversation. Its just more easier to do, find faults, excuses or versions and then call the originals Inspirations!


Read it or not, Liked it or not let it be anything, but do let me know you’ve been here…

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