Monday, July 18, 2011

M Back...

Well I know some of you noticed and some dint, :(, but its OK, its just feels good to be back.
Had gone to mom's house for an extended vacation as my sister was getting married.

Special thanks to Bikramjit, for wondering where I've wandered off it. It made me feel special. Thank you.

As every time I shall first take time to read what you folks have been writing about and then write my side of the story.


  1. :) Heyyyyyyyy good to see you back ...
    how did the wedding go .. lots of fun ..

    looking forward to hearing your side of the story then :) take care


  2. Thnks Bikram.
    The wedding was awesome fun! I bet Indian weddings r the best in the world!

  3. oh yes They are the best .. We have wedding seasons here now too so every other weekend some wedding to go to ..

  4. Wow...I esplly love the food and the dressing up part! Typical Girl!


Read it or not, Liked it or not let it be anything, but do let me know you’ve been here…

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