Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Upcoming Fab-Feb!

No other day (or celebration or what ever you may call it,) has been witness to changes as turbulent as has our Valentine’s Day, from a little known day amongst thousands of days that are celebrated all over the year through out the world, it is one of the most awaited days in the year, not only by the youth but for everyone in the family.

In the 80s or even maybe early 70s, if I remember correctly, Valentine’s Day was not much celebrated or even recognized by many. Before this, in India, other than Independence and Republic days, only children’s day was celebrated, or rather recognized.

Initially it was assumed that the day is for lovers only, as in a girl and a boy, and was considered a taboo thing so the youth used to hide it from parents and celebrate it outside. It was more like an anti-social thing. But gradually, slowly but surely we can say our understanding changed.

Once people were familiar they embraced the day and hence forth from the mid-80s, it was celebrated with lots of fane-fare in almost all metro cities. But it also had to face the wrath of some political parties, who even got violent and nasty in some cases. Who does not remember the Shiv Sena revolts in Mumbai, then Bombay?

After being politicized and criticized, and not to mention, they got their publicity, what they had intended in the first place, it was accepted that as the day is to encourage love, friendship and peace, it shall be allowed to be.

From then on, the marketing gurus took on; the day was the 1st amongst many to be looked upon as big spending excuses. From cards, chocolates, cute teddies (just noticed how all of them begin with C) to expensive (read profitable) options like jewelries and diamonds. The list was a long one and never ending one. I had read somewhere about properties also being sold as valentine gifts!

And Valentine’s Day became what it is today. There is no news paper, no magazine, no TV channel no web site that does not remind you that it’s around the corner, and they also give you ideas for making it special for your loved ones (I often wonder do people really take it seriously after getting out of college?)

Talking about celebrating days, I just found out (from my service provider, who smses me the dates and days, and suggests I should send smses to my loved ones too.) that in the month of February, there are so many celebrated! Here’s a list, please add if I have missed out any.
Most of us think, February is the month of love, but it is also the friendship moth, I know like you people even I was thinking then why we don't have friendship day in this month too. So that we have to buy friendship day cards and gifts twice! They are not called marketing gurus just for nothing!

Feb 8th – 14th is Smile day, Rose day and also Propose day. (To make things simpler, they have clubbed it so you can celebrate all these days throughout the week!)

Feb 9th is Chocolate day, and most of the time, people send virtual chocolates, so much for management guru tricks!

Feb 9th is also celebrated as a Flower Day; this is news to me too! It’s supposed to be Primrose and Violet flower’s day, they are like trying to compete with rose day! They are supposed to be the flowers of the month.

On Feb 13th is the International Friendship Month, how can a day be celebrated as a month? Whatever!


Now that you have celebrated friendship day, internationally, on the 13th we shall also bring in “I value our friendship” day. Someone please help me with all these dates and days! 

And finally arrives our special Valentine’s Day, need I mention the date also? But this is not the end of the celebratory week


But not many of us know, well actually even I would not have known it had I not been writing this post, that on the 14th we also can celebrate, Heart to heart day along with a Hug Day! I’m sure all the guys out there dig this day!


OK so had fun on the 14th? Now its pay back time! On the 15th we have the “Thanks for a great valentine day” ritual. And here I was thinking we will get a break.


But the best one is yet to come, on the 19th, after celebrating and thanking your valentines, its time for a Temporary Insanity Day! Yes INSANITY DAY, thank God it’s a TEMPORARY one! There were serious chances we would be permanently insane if we go through celebrating all the above mentioned days; not to mention almost bankrupt too!  


And to end the month, the last week is also celebrated as the International Friendship day, yes, in case you forgot to celebrate it the whole month, you have one more chance, I shall refrain from saying last chance, as I’m confident, next month also we will be given lots of similar opportunities!


And the finale,(the best of the lot) take a guess people, there is Bread and Banana day on the 23rd, followed by a cuddle day on the 25th, will someone please tell me the difference between a hug day and  cuddle day? To top it all, on the 27th day of the month, we have the Polar Bear day, i seriously can’t go on. I need to go out and celebrate over the head day!


  1. First time here , nice work.

  2. very beautifully written. temporary insanity day, kab hai.
    thoda inclined to celebrate this one.
    great writeup.

  3. Hey Pooja!

    good to be back here! and i see u wrote something about urself in ur profile... good to know more about you!

    this post was hilarious!!! i know, what all days do we celebrate... it's funny!

    btw difference between hug day and cuddle day.....mmmm..... hahah :D

    tk cr


  4. so many days , I think this is all a marketing gimmick .. make up a day when i was young in school we never heard of all these days now its all become so commericalised ...

    Moreover i do think these festivals are western life oriented we are forgetting our own traditional festivals and grasping the foreign ones .. AM I SOUNDING FESTIVIST.. :) he he he


  5. @Gyanban welcome and thanks.

    @Maun Vision, Temporary Insanity Day is on the 19th, coz after celebrating so many occasions, who can remain sane? Yes, would be fun to celebrate it!

    @HI Sensitive heart, where have you been.

    @Bikramjit, i think the basic idea of celebrating festivals is to come together with family, friends and even neighbors; build a bond and enjoy life at regular intervals, but yes today, it is all done to promote "business" and earn profits.


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