Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have read
I have been told
I have experienced

But still I have not learnt,
Is the core of all problems

Wants, desires, wills
All come in a package
Called life and love

They don't sprout
Without a cause
Without a reason

They come with feelings
Of friendship
With kinship
And affection

They grow with
Bonds over time
Chats over coffee
And occasions

In some instances
They nurture and foster
In others cases
They sabotage and kill

When you expect and don't get
You get frustration
When you get expect and get
It makes you want more
When you don't expect
You get fulfillment
Joy and happiness

If you can
I expect you to not expect.
Nothing from me                        
From anyone


  1. Well-expressed. Unrealistic expectations leads us to unhappiness but it is tough not to expect, also. Even when we do not want to expect there is some sort of expectation in it. Its more like an oxymoron.

  2. True sh@s, but more often than not, our expectations are not unrealistic, they may just be small things we expect people around us to do for us, but they have different priorities.

  3. Hi Pooja, expectation is the mother of all the pains! what happend? what made u write this?


    PS: do c my blog, u have a mention :)

  4. Hi SH, yes but is there life without expectations, nothing happened, was like in between busy routine things there are times when we stop and think and question life, one of those thoughts.
    I always am on yr blog, some times I may not leave a comment, but I'm always there.

  5. So true. Expectations are the root cause of all problems. Well written.

  6. The Fool, thanks and welcome to my blog.

  7. Great write up this pooja! I was googling expectations and found your blog. I wish I could write poetry as you do but I play with more words to express myself.

    Thanks for this.

    Can check out my blog here -


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