Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just A Call Away

Just a call away

I know you are there
Far but not very away
Near but still not dear
Your embrace is familiar          
Our encounter is memorial
I know it all too well
Yet somewhere

Just a mention of yours
And the joy that it brings
The smile that comes

But the memories
Prick and give pain
Hurt the within

Your words which were
Promises for me
Your thoughts that were
Meaning of life for me
Are all around, somewhere

The times spend sparkle my eyes
With tears
Bring weight on my hurt
With tenderness
But I know you are somewhere
Also thinking and waiting

For as you had once said,
You are just a call away
To talk, to share, to be
Together somewhere




  1. Liked this post more thn my own! Wrote on this sometime back, which won me a orize too! But your words are more deep! :)

    Keep writing!

  2. Hey thnks Sourav, will defntly read yr post, im sure it is better..

  3. Hey babes...well written..but dont hold ur thoughts in u...share them with the person who u want to share with!

  4. Hey Nimi thnks for the encouraging words..but dear there are no words u know it better...these r just words pend, rather typed.

  5. someones back.. after ages ...

    Lovely poem .. yes the people who love us and care for us are indeed just a phone call away ... pick the fone and they will be there ..


  6. @Bikramjit, yes been a long time... December does this do lots of us. but for me its all year round.
    I thank God for blessing me with lots of ppl who are there for my, just a call away.

  7. Mohit sir, Thanks and welcome but keep coming!


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