Friday, December 24, 2010

Belated Thursday Challenge

I don't know how all these fellow bloggers get into these various blog competitions and challenges but like looking at what they are doing. One such blog pal of mine is Bikram. After seeing HIS collection of STUFFED toys, opps sorry not toys, ANIMALS, which are not fluffy (for the record) and amongst which most he has won in the fair games, I was reminded of a similar picture I had clicked of Stuti (my daughter for all those who don't know).  

And in this picture she looks like a stuffed lost doll to me. Like all parents even I am obsessed and possessed by my child.  


  1. wowowowow he he ehhe Thank thank you... yes not fluffy glad you put that .. and not toys but animals :)

    your daughter is beautiful.. god bless her... and the teddy bears look goood ..

    Loved the pics....



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