Monday, August 30, 2010

Frames of Freedom

This picture was taken by me on a sleepy afternoon on 15-4-07, no other photograph came to my mind when I read about the Frames of Freedom contest, for many reasons, but the foremost important one being that no matter what we say, feel or think, no bird, no sky no being is as free or as innocent as a child. 

He thinks he has the world around his fingers; things are under his control; he can aim for the sky and get some starts from there. A child has not been shackled by the experiences of life so his spirit is as free as can be.

Lots of people think it would be nice to be able to fly like a bird, but even the bird has his set limitations. He has directions and methods to follow too, but a child is a man-mauji, who is not bound by any restrictions.

Some think it would be nice to go someplace where there are no telephones no internet or no television to hound them, the child has it all, but nothing can bother him.

Try telling a child and an adult simultaneously to shift a heavy piece of furniture single handedly, the child will run and go struggle to make it shove an inch, but the adult, will accept defeat even without putting in any effort; as his mind is restricted with knowledge, gained from life’s experiences.

This post is for the Blogadd's Frames of Freedom Contest


  1. Pooja, I just loved the way u explained the pic... I accept with u... good luck... :)

  2. awwwwwwww Cute and what you say about freedom OH man WISH I WAs a child again...

    beautiful pic and equally beautiful narrative :) and the last lines say it all, adults are bogged down with knowledge while a child is FREE and wud do utmost to shift the furniture Really nice P00ja

  3. gr8...really,,,how much we miss our childhood!

  4. Hello and thanks frnds, M sorry havnt been able to reply any sooner, but was cut off due to some connection problems! I know I'm late so will get to reading again...awww!
    @Swetha, welcome to my blog, and thnks for the kind words.
    @Bikramjeet, ya..wish we all could be kids forever!
    @The Madrasi, we never realised and nor does any kid, how much all those days will count in our later years!
    @Reema, Thanks dear.

  5. Yeah, being a child is like u hve the world. sweet pic pooja!


  6. Thnks Sensitive Heart-though I'd love to give U a 1st name, being a child is the best time in most of our lives, but there are some who are not so fortunate.


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